Parish Council – Financial Accounts

Want to know more about the money spent by Caverswall Parish Council ?

National Policy :

The Government wants to increase democratic accountability at a local level. They want to place more power into the hands of citizens at the point where services are provided. A key part of this aim is to provide electors and ratepayers with relevant information about the Parish Council`s accounts and governance. Although the financial accounts of Caverswall Parish Council have always been available for public inspection the Government wants to see the information published on a website. This helps to make the information available to a wider audience in a convenient way.

Caverswall Parish Council :

To view any of this information please click on the links in the table below. If you have any questions about the accounts or information on this page please contact the Parish Clerk, Lynn Cantlay. Tel: 07811 879627

Click here to see the Precept Statement for the 2020-2021 financial year.

Accounts and Financial Information for the 2018/2019 Financial Year

Notice Of Public RightsAccounting Statements
Certificate Of ExemptionExplanation of Variances
Annual Audit ReportBalance Sheet
Annual Governance Statement

Accounts and Information for the 2017/ 2018 Financial Year

Exemption CertificateNotice Of AppointmentRegister of Fixed Assets
ReceiptsPaymentsBalance Sheet
Internal Audit ReportFinancial Information

Accounts and Information for the 2016 / 2017 Financial Year

Financial Summary InformationPaymentsReceipts

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