St Peter`s Church – Memorial Inscriptions

This page contains a transcript of the Memorial Inscriptions that can be found inside St Peter`s Church. The research work was carried out by Kevin Salt who has kindly given his consent for the transcriptions to be published here.

The Tomb of William de Caverswall
The Staffordshire Historian,Samuel Edswicke, saw the tomb, at the foot of the chancel steps (from where it was moved to its present location in 1880) ,and managed to translate the now almost illegible inscription:

Hic jacet Will’us de Caverswall, miles, castri structor eram, domibus, fossique cemento, vivis dans operam, nunc clandor hoc monumento, which translated becomes ‘Here lies William de Caverswall, Knight and Lord, builder of the fort, having given work to the living is now enclosed in this monument’.
Dr Plot saw the tomb a century later (1686) and recorded it with it’s oft-quoted addition ‘Sr William of Caverswall here lye I, who built the castle and the pooles bye – Sr William of Caverswall here you lye, your castle is down and your pooles are dry’.
Unknown Tomb
Portions of two alabaster slabs, the larger one has the headless figures of a man and
woman, with their children (?) beneath. The smaller slab depicts a number of children below what appears to be the folds in a woman’s dress and has the inscription ‘Ex dicta Helena Obiit’.
Harriet Parker, Marry Anne Parker and Eliza Parker
Sacred to the memory of Harriet eldest daughter of Thomas Parker esq and Mary his wife.
She died unmarried Jan`y 12th 1832 aged 61. Mary Anne second daughter of Thomas Parker esq and Mary his wife. She married Edward Jervis Jervis Viscount St Vincent and died Jan`y 31st 1855 aged 82. Eliza third daughter of Thomas Parker esq and Mary his wife. She died unmarried Aug 18th 1826 age 45.
Matthew Cradock
Hic sepelitvr Matt: Cradock armig: cvi nvpta fvit Elizab: filia Ric: Fowler (Salop:) armigeri ovi progeniem habvit Georgium primogenitvm (cvi convbio ivncta fvit Dorothea filia Ioannis Sanders in medicina docti) et filiam vnigenitam Mariam. Qvae convbio ivncta fvit Ioanni Lilday. Filivs hoc patri monvmentvm e marmore strvxit, Cvi privs a patre est splendida strvcta domvs. Providvs ille patre magis, an minvs imemor haeres, Officij, per me, sit, licet, in dvbio! Dignvs vterq; parens nato; natvsq parente; O si tam dignvs mvndvs vtroq foret! Haec posvit i m.r.e. de Stoke Translation :
Here lies buried Matthew Cradock esquire, whose wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Rowler (of Shropshire) esquire. His children were George, his first born (whose wife was Dorothea daughter of John Saunders, Doctor of medicine), and his only daughter Mary who was married to John Lilday. The son raised this marble monument to the father, (the son), for whom the father had first built a splendid house. It is not for me to say whether the father was more provident, or the heir more mindful of his duty. Both were worthy, the father of his son, and the son of his father. If only the world had been as worthy of both.
[Matthew Cradock died 1636]
George Cradock
George Cradock esq (for his great prvdence in ye common lawes well worthy to be ~ Beav:
Clarke of ye assizes for this circuit) did take to wife ye most amiable and most loving Dorothy
ye daughter of John Savnders Doctor of Physicke, by whom he had a Pair-Royal of incomparable davghters to wit, Dorothy, Elizabeth and Mary. It is easie to gvesse that he lived in a splendid degree if I shall but recovnt vnto yov that Thomas Slinsby Baronet Married Dorothy Right Hon.ble Rob.t Lord Cholmondely Married Elizabeth Co-heir Sr John Bridgeman Baronet Married Mary Bvt to ovr grief George Cradock is assavlted by death in ye meridjan of his age not far off from his castle of Caerswall (lately bvilt (even to beavty) by Matthew Cradock esq his father who lies interr’d near this place) And dying of ye smallpox ye 16th of April 1643 bettoke himselfe to ye private mansion of this tombe errected for him at ye cost of Dorothy his obseqviovs wife, where he now rests (under ye protection of an essoine,) vntil he shall be svmmond to appeare at ye last great and general assizes
George Parker, Thomas Parker and Robert Parker
George Parker of Park Hall esq eldest son of William Parker esq commonly called buff-coat whose monument is in this chancel. He died April 18th 1716. Also of Margaret his wife who died 1745-6. She was daughter of Sir John Turton knt one of the Justices of the King’s Bench by Anne daughter of Colonel Samuel More of Linely Co Salop the celebrated defender of Hopton castle during the civil wars. Sacred to the memory of Thomas Parker eldest son of chief baron Sir Thomas Parker whose monument is in this chancel. He died decr 2nd 1797 aged 65. Also of Mary his wife, only daughter and heir of John Hawe of Caldmore County of Stafford esq and Solihull County of Warwick. She died March 8th 1815 aged 71.
Robert Parker of Park Hall eldest son of Thomas Parker and Mary his wife.
He died unmarried December 7th 1807 aged 34. Also of Thomas Hawe Parker of Park Hall esq. He died unmarried January 15th 1856 aged 80.
Henry Haworth
In hoc scpvlchro ponitvr corpvs Henrici Haworth nvpre de Careswall gent obiit
in dom: XX die Aprilis ano: dmni: MDCLXVII. Et’ aetatis svae .:XL IIII:.
[Translation] In this tomb lies the body of Henry Haworth lately of Caverswall,
gentleman, who died at home the 20th day of April 28, anno domini 1667, aged 44.
[On metal plate inserted into the stone tomb] Neare to this place lieth the bodies of John Browne late of Hartwall gent who gave to the chvrch and pore of this parish five povnds yearley for ever. He departed this life in XXXIX [39th] yeare of his age and was bvried December VIIIth anno 1665. And of Ralph Browne late of Meere and Cookshill his father gent
who gave to the chvrch and pore of this parish thirty shillings yearley for ever.
He departed this life in the 72 yeare of his age and was bvried April the 14th anno 1670.
Res pater et nato natvs patriq et egenis atq deo genitor natvsq benigne de dervnt.
Digna legi scribi digna haec dinissima dici confvndvnt la chrymis sed se mea verba.
(?)H ae (?)c posvil ib vicar de Cars.
[On stone] Ano dmi 1670. Blest here and near in peace doe rest, all they of these that
are deceast. Thomas Brown and Margery, Ralph Brown and Mary, Ralph Brown and Dorothy,
Ralph Brown and Joyce, Ralph Brown, Ralph Brown, John Brown. The two first Brownes of carswall were Bvt all the rest were of the meere. The fon made this in memory of parents
[face of stone then eroded lettering illegible].
Martha Countess St Vincent
Sacred to the memory of Martha, Countess of St Vincent, who was eminently pious,
virtuous and charitable. She departed this life on the 8th day of February 1816,
age 75 years, and was at her own desire buried in the tomb of her parents.
This monument was erected by her surviving husband.
Thomas Parker
In this chancel are deposited the remains of the Right Honorable Sir Thomas Parker,
second son of George Parker of Park Hall in this parish, esquire, and of Margaret his wife
who was the daughter of Sir John Turton, one of the Justices of The King’s Bench in the regin of King William III, educated for many years with high reputation at the bar in MDCC XXXVI [1736]. He was made one of His Majesties Serjeants at law and was successively promoted to the bench as a Baron of the Exchequer, and as a puisne judge of the common pleas.
In MDCC XLII [1742] he was advanced to the dignity of Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer
in which office he continued almost thirty years, having discharged the important duties
of a judge with unwearied industry, and unbiased integrity. As a mark of his sovereigns
approbation he was in November MDCC LXXII [1772] made one of His Majesties most honorable privy council. He died on the XXIX [29th] day of December MDCC LXXXIV [1784]aged LXXXIX [89] years.
Sir Thomas Parker married first Anne daughter and co-heir of James Whitehall of Pipe Ridgeware Co Stafford esq. by Mary daughter of Henry Creswold Rector of Solihull Co Warwick and Presby. Of Ripon, who died on the XXI day of Feby. MDCC XXXIX by whom he had two sons; Thomas, who succeeded at Park Hall, and George, who was father of Sir William Parker Bart. Admiral of the Fleet. He married secondly Martha daughter of Edward Strong of Greenwich, and widow of Henry Cranmer by whom he had two daughters; Martha who married Sir John Jervis afterwards created Earl of St Vincent and Laetitia who married Thomas Heathcote son of Sir Thomas Heathcote Bart. of Hursley Co Southampton.
George Parker, William Parker and Bridgett Parker
Here lieth the body of George Parker esq.s who served his country as Justice of ye peace in ye reigns of King Charles ye It and 2nd with generall applause for his application skill and probity in very unequal turns of fortune of an equal temper of mind, of perpetual good humour and agreeable witt to the last. He married Grace ye daughter of Hugh Bateman gent: and had issue William Thomas Robert Anne and Elizabeth whom he sawe well settled and ye 9th of May 1675 resigned up his soul into ye hands of God aged 84.
William Parker esqr lyes also interred near this place who was signall for firmness in his religion and loyalty and for justice and sincerity in everything. A common peacemaker and a friend to all but knaves whom of all sorts he abhorrd and haveing thus long servd his generation was ye 12th August 1703 called out of this tabernacle to a better abode in ye 83d year of his age.
Bridgett Parker was for filial piety to her aged father and other virtues of ornament of her sex. Shee departed this life ye 1st of November 1702 leaving to ye minister of this place 20s per annum to preach 2 sermons on ye 25th March and ye 29th September yearly about a true saving faith. Her body lyes also buryed in this chancell.
Edward Coyney
Near this place interred the remains of Edward Coyney of Weston Coyney
in the County of Stafford who died on 30th May 1772 aged 59 years.
William Aubrey Bowers
To the glory of God and in ever loving memory of William Aubrey Bowers, 5th North Staffs Regiment, of Caverswall Castle, born January 22nd 1887, died July 2nd 1916 of wounds received in action at Gommecourt, France on July 1st. This tablet and the choir stalls in the chancel are erected by his widow. “Whoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it”.
A Memorial to those who fell in the First World War
To the glory of God and in affectionate remembrance of E Adams; N Attwood; P Attwood DCM; A Bennett; J Bentley; A Bowers; J Brassington; J Clowes; L Copestake; G Edwards; H Edwards; S Farrall; F Hughes; W Hulme; R James; B Keene; E Martin; J Nutt MM; J Powell; A Rushton; T Salt; T Wagstaff; C Whitehurst; G Woolridge; J Wright. Who gave their lives for justice and right in the Great War 1914-1918. Their name liveth for evermore.
A Memorial to those who fell in the Second World War
H Austin; K J Bartlam; L Brassington; J W Caddy; K Hall; D Lamonby; J Lockett; J Quigley; R W Reader; C Slinn; P E B Sproston; F Tabbenor; A T Wood. Let your light so shine before.
Joseph Wilshaw
Erected in memory of Joseph Wilshaw late of the Mear gentn. Who died the 3rd day of
February 1844: aged years and of Catherine his widow who died the 28th day of February 1845 aged 78 years. He bequeathed to the vicar of this parish for the time being £200
to be invested in the funds and the interest of bread to the amount thereof at his discretion. Distributed among 20 or such less number of poor widows of this parish as might from time to time be found and as he should select on every Christmas Day forever. Also £100 to be invested in like manner and the interest applied in keeping for the tombstone of his late father and himself; and the palisading thereof in this churchyard in repair and painting forever. And also such some as would purchase an annuity of 20 shillings a year each for the clerk and sexton for the time being of this parish forever. He that hath pity upon the poor leadeth unto the Lord and that which he hath given will he pay him again. Prov XIX 17.
Revd Eddowes and Family
Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Eddowes, wife of the Revd Wm Eddowes died on 30th Novr 1811 aged 57. Mary their daughter died 20th Jan 1814 aged 24. Elizabeth their daughter died 21st April 1814. Also the Revd Wm Eddowes of St John’s College Cambridge who was the vicar of Caverswall 19 years. Died the 30th day of June 1824 aged 65 years. Allii aliorum onera portate et ita complete legem christi. Gal cap VIV2nd
Revd St George Bowles
To the memory of the Revd St George Bowles of Oriel College Oxford, Chaplain of The Royal House Guards, Rector of Burford and vicar of Caverswall. Died 19th August 1804 aged 46.  Or resurgam
Edward Horden
Underneath lyeth the body of Edward Horden of Hulme who died ye 6th day of May 1756
aged 73 years.
[J D Johnstone in his 1948 work lists a fouth memorial in
the tower, that of the Rev Walter Eddowes, curate of Croxden 1817, which has
possibly been obscured by the kitchen conversion alterations].
Benefactors to The Poor of This Parish
John Brown – late of Caverswall gent and Ralph Brown his father late of the Mear and Cookshill gent left to the poor of this parish for ever 14 acres of land called Stevenstiches in the parish of Dilhorne now let at the yearly rent of 30 pounds out of which two pounds ten shillings is to be paid yearly forever to the minister for two sermons one upon th. 24th of June and the other upon th. 13th Dec.
Gilford Hart – late of Caverswall gent left one left one piece of land in the parish
of Dilhorne of the yearly value of 50s given yearly to the poor of this parish
upon th. 21st day of December.
Ralph Bayley – late of Normicott Grange gent left out of the lands lying
at Day Hills in the parish of Milwich 10s to be given yearly upon Good Friday.
Mrs Bridgett Parker – left to the minister of this parish 20s yearly for ever to preach two sermons one on th. 25th March and the other on th. 29th September upon
saving faith. Miss Harriet Parker – bequeathed by will the sum of £200 (to be invested in the public securities of this kingdom) to the minister and churchwardens of Caverswall in trust for the benefit of the poor of this parish forever.
AD 1832 Matthew Barlow, Thomas Bentley, Churchwardens.
William Smith
Here lyeth the body of William Smith of Knife-den in the parish of Leek who departed
this life April ye 4th ano dmi 1709 aged 40 years.
George Wood
Here lieth ye body of George Wood of Adderley Green gent who departed this life the 19th day of Sept anno dmi 1722. Aetat:24.
John Bradbury
Sub hoc saxo conduntur mortales exuviae Johannis filii Johannis Bradbury and Sarae
ejus uxoris lui tertio aetatis anno nondum exacto animam efflavit trice simo die maii
anno domini 1705.
Window Memorials

E S Parker Jervis
To the glory of God and in the memory of The Hon E S Parker Jervis son of the second
Viscount St Vincent. This window is erected by his wife Maude and his sons and his daughter.
Alfred Boardman
Window restored to the memory of Alfred Boardman 1974.
Charles Coyney
In Memory of Charles Coyney of Weston Coyney born 1801 died 1883.
Thomas E Coyney
Thomas Coyney born Aug 1810 died July 4th 1871. To the glory of God and
in loving memory of Thomas Edward Coyney of Selwood House near Rugeley this window
is placed by his wife the light of whose earthly life was overshadowed by his death
July 4th 1871 in the 61st year of his age. He walked humbly with God.
Stephen Mear
To the glory of God and in loving memory of Stephen Mear of Weston Coyney Villa born January 5th 1827 died February 3rd 1886.
Walter Hill Coyney
To the glory of God and in memory of Walter Hill Coyney and Mary Catherine his wife.
This window and the 4 brass pendant lamps in the nave were erected by the desire of their son Thomas Edward Coyney and under the provisions of the will of the late Florence Elizabeth Coyney his wife August 1894.
William E Bowers
To the glory of God and in loving memory of William E Bowers of Caverswall Castle who was born anno domini 1861 and who died 1911. This window is erected by his widow Cicely and his son and daughters.
Alice Bowers
To the glory of God and in loving memory of Alice wife of William E Bowers of Caverswall castle born Jan 31st 1862 died March 26th 1905 at Sidmouth Devon.