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A small collection of historical documents relating to Caverswall.

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This archive is an index of documents relating to people and places in the parish of Caverswall and nearby locations. Some of the documents have been transcribed in .pdf format. Please click on the links in the right hand column to see the transcriptions.

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It seem that documents like these are often discarded today without anyone recognising the wealth of information that they contain for people researching local history or tracing their family tree. I suppose we all have a part to play in preserving history. If you become aware of any old documents that are at risk of being thrown away please consider writing a description. We could include the description in the index and possibly also add a transcription.

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Doc. No.DescriptionDateLocationPersons Mentioned
C0001Lease with right to turn sewage on to land.March 1894Dividy LaneGeorge Lloyd, Robert Loyld and Cheadle Rural District Council.
C0002Marriage Settlement and Release to Trustees1925CaverswallMr and Mrs W.E. Bowers. George Chetwode Owsley.
C0003Cash Account1910Weston CoyneyWalter Weston Coyney.
C00043 dwellings, a crateshop and landSept 1862CellarheadThomas Shenton, Joseph Shenton.
C0005Auction : 3 houses and landJune 1881SheepwashThomas Walters, Mary Nicklin, John Nicklin, Charles Brown, Elizabeth Simcock, Thomas James,Thomas Riley, Thomas Thorley, Mary Hammersley, Arthur Blagg, Samuel Locket.
C0006Details of Estate1861 - 1866CaverswallMary Burgess,John Turner, Mary Shaw.
C0007Lease of QuarrySept 1911WasherwallJohn Watkin, Walter Weston Coyney.
C0008Charge and Security.June 1898Weston CoyneySusan Coyney.
C0009Sale of parcels of land. Part of Park Head FarmMarch 1932Weston CoyneyWilliam Titterton,Philip Thorley, Godfrey Heathcote, Sydney Morris, Henry Foreman, William Griffiths.
C0010MortgageSept 1892Weston CoyneyWalter Weston Coyney, Charles Blagg.
C0011ConveyanceMarch 1901Spath Farm, Uttoxeter.W.E. Bowers, H.S.H. Cavandish.
C0012Letter regarding rent May 1910Long Doles Farm, Weston Coyney.Charles Clowes.
C0013Abstract of Title1915Weston Coyney Estate.Walter Weston Coyney.
C0014Assignment of Lease.1848Fernyhough Bank, Wetley Moor.Rev Charles Stephen Hassells, Richard Sutton Ford.
C0015Lease with right to dig for sand and gravel.May 1905Stepping Stone Field. Weston Coyney.Walter Weston Coyney, George Stanier.
C0016Mineral Rights Duty Payable (Coal)1911-1915Park Hall Colliery, Weston Coyney.Walter Weston Coyney. Mossfield Colliery Co Ltd.
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C0017Account for work undertaken.May 1896Hulme Colliery.Richard Haines, Walter Weston Coyney.
C0018Account for work undertaken.1911Various locations in England.Exors the late J.R. Haines, W.A Bowers.
C0019Two letters. A receipt for supply of walling stone.1863 & 1873Weston Coyney.Charles Coyney,John Blagg, John Reeves, Mr Hurst, Mr Smith, Mr Shaw.
C0020Sale of Plot of Land.c1923Weston Coyney.Thomas Caulcott &Son, Rosa Blake, Elizabeth Blake, Edith Hughes.
C0021Sale of Bungalow.1924Weston Coyney.Caulcott & Son. Mr Jones.
C0022Brief for Landowners. Longton Extension Bill. The House Of Lords-Session 18851885Weston Coyney, Hulme, Longton, CaverswallVarious Landowners.
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C0023 Mortgage.1877Catgut Lodge Estate.Charles Forrester, Benjamin Brassington. (John Coyney, Edward Giffard, Henry Sprott, 1664)
C0024Charge and Security.1900Weston Coyney.Susan Coyney.
C0025Charge and Security.1902 -1904Weston Coyney.Susan Coyney.
C0026Deed and Conveyance.1934Weston Coyney.Edith Hughes, Richard Addison.
C0027Deed and Conveyance.1932Weston Coyney.George Hughes,Mr Copeland, Mr Hancock.
C0028Conveyance.1929Weston Coyney.George Hughes, James Slinn.
C0029Plans showing plots to be sold.1936Weston Coyney.George Hughes,Mr Slinn, Mr Carding.
C0030Plot of Land.1909Weston Coyney.Mr Brassington, Blaggs Solicitiors.
C0031Sale of Land.1894Weston Coyney.Walter Weston Coyney, The Longton, Adderley Green and Bucknall Railway Company.
C0032Assignment of Charge.1894Weston Coyney.Anna Marie Pilliet, Blaggs Solicitors.
C0033Particulars and Plans of Sale.1919Weston Coyney EstateWalter Weston Coyney, various tenants and occupiers.
C0034Lease.Nov 1664Wetley Moor.John Coyney, Richard Hulme,Edward Gifford, Henry Sprott, George Parker, William Parker and others.
C0035The Will of Walter Weston Coyney.1828Weston Coyney, The Cockin.Thomas Edward Coyney, Charles Coyney, Adam Walters, Joseph Allen, William Findler. William Bullock.
C0036Deed of Partition.April 1855Cookshill Green and CaverswallJoseph Boulton,Ralph Boulton (Hilton), Benjamin Boulton, Mary Boulton, John Tilsley, Walter Hawkins, Alfred Reade, Thomas Hawe Parker, Joseph Whiston,RichardCooper, Booth Grey esq.
C0037The Will of Joseph Boulton.October 1862Caverswall.Adam Walters, George Boulton,John Boulton,Thomas Boulton, Joseph Whiston, Alfred Stevenson.
C0038Confirmation of Baptism (1811)June 1872St Peters Caverswall.Lydia Kirby.
C0039Admon.1844Withy Stakes.Gabriel Leese, Jane Leese.
C0040Mortgage.1874Caverswall.James Sargeant,Herbert Sargeant, Edmund Tennant,William Nixon.
C0041Mortgage on Moiety.1881Caverswall & Cheadle.James Yates, Benjamin Thacker, Thomas Bishop Cull.
C0042Mortgage.1712Cookshill.William Walker,(or Walter) Richard Hulme.
C0043Admon.1889Hulme.Elizabeth Lindop Joseph Lindop.
C0044Lease.1902Vicarage Farm Caverswall.The Rev J.G. Addenbrooke, George Hughes.
C0045Lease.1904Fauld Hall, Handbury and Scropton.W.E.Bowers (Caverswall Castle), Sampson Johnson, William Harris.
1892Weston Coyney.Walter Weston Coyney, Fanny and Susan Masefield.
C0047Transfer of Mortgage.1891Weston Coyney.J.C. Philips (Heath House, Tean) C.J. Blagg.
C0048Conveyance.1823Wetley Moor, Hulme.William Lees, John Grindey.
C0049Conveyance.1833Roughcote.Stephen Symcock, Anthony Shaw.
C0050Accounts for services.1926 ~ 1930Caverswall.Vera Aimee Bowers, Blaggs Solicitors.
C0051Lease.1922Caverswall and Holly Grove Farm , Cheadle. Vera Aimee Bowers, Frederick Lovatt.
C0052Letter : Mortgage & Moiety.1822Property in Cheshire.Walter Hill Coyney, Peter Bailey,Edward Allderson,Blaggs Solicitors.
C0053Conveyance 2 Cottages.1920Weston Coyney.Walter Weston Coyney, Ada Hughes.
C0054Conveyance 2 Cottages.1939The Green, Cookshill.Lilian Parsons (formerly Wild*), Millicent Peace (formerly Wild*), Joseph and Albert Inskip. Bernard, William and Henry Walters. (*Possibly related to T.C. Wild)
C0055Site Plan : Tennis Club.1928Weston Coyney.Frederick Brook, Douglas Hall, Sydney Dean. & Cheadle Rural District Council.
C0056Notes regarding a draft Reconveyance.c1800Weston Coyney.Edward Coyney,Richard Hill, D. Chetwyn,John Bill,Walter Hill Coyney, Mary Catherine Coyney.
C0057Two letters.1808Weston Coyney.Walter Hill Coyney, Mr Barbor, Mr Stirrup, Richard Smith, Mr Bill, Mr Wilson, Mr Leigh, Mr Bentley.
C0058Mortgage.1714Woodhouse, Hulme.William Cope, (late of Park Hall), Mary Cope, Thomas Aubrey (or Ambrey)
C0059Particulars of Auction.1937The Park Hall Estate. Weston Coyney.Robert St. Vincent Parker-Jervis, Mr C. Kinder, Messrs.Stannah Bros. J. Burton, G. Hacking, A. Berks, R. Addison.
C0060Lease of premises and creation of Parish Committee Room.1895Weston Coyney.Walter Weston Coyney, Emily Coyney, Miss Beardmore, Richard Haines,John Aynsley, John Oakley.
C0061Enquiry about land for sale near the Toll Gate.1903Weston Coyney.The Weston Coyney Brick and Marl Co. R.F. Floyd.
C0062Proposed site plan for houses. 1903Weston Coyney (Weston Coyney Rd)John Coventry, Mr Beckett.
C0063List of tenants and rents due.1908The Weston Coyney Estate.View document .pdf
C0064Lease of Mill and Lands.1875Cookshill.Charles Coyney, John Docksey.
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C0065Lease of Mines of Coal and Ironstone. The Weston Coyney Colliery. (Later to become the Park Hall Colliery)1884~6Weston Coyney.Walter Weston Coyney, John Walker, John Aynsley, Joseph Holdcroft, Martin Forrister, William Daniels,E. Greatbatch,
C0066Agreement to permit search for Coal on land adjacent to the village.1903Hulme.Walter Weston Coyney, Joseph Hancock, Richard Haines, John Morgan, Ernest Smith, Frederick Harvey, James Shaw, William Hulme.
C0067Particulars of Auction.1923Weston Coyney Farm, land, and land at Little Weston.All vacant possession. Bagshaws Auctioneers.
C0068Lease of sand and stone quarry.1886 - 1889 - 1891Washerwall.Walter Weston Coyney, John Proffit, Thomas Proffit, Joseph Hewitt, James Forrester.
C0069Leases - sand quarry.1911~12Washerwall.Walter Weston Coyney, Joseph Watkin, Thomas Peake, Thomas Bettany.
C0070Sale of strip of land to enable road widening.1900~3Weston Coyney.Walter Weston Coyney, The Borough of Longton.
C0071Marriage Settlement.1817Weston Coyney.Walter Hill Coyney, Mary Catherine Coyney, John Van Zellor, Eliza Mary Coyney.
C0072The Will of Thomas Hawe. Parker.1830Park Hall Weston Coyney.Thomas Hawe Parker,Ellen Keen formerly Brassington, George Keen, Henry Berry, John Salt, Thomas Salt.
C0073The Will of Francis Parker.1712Caverswall.Francis Parker, Anthony Boys.
C0074The Will of Jacob Marsh.1844Weston Coyney Hall.Jacob Marsh, John Marsh, Mary (Holbrook ?)
C0075The Will of George Lambert Clifford.1829Burton Constable, Yorkshire.George Lambert Clifford, Mary Clifford. (Coyney) Charles Coyney.
C0076The Will of Charlotte Wells.1829Moorville Caverswall.Charlotte Wells, Mary Adams, Edward,Sarah and Elizabeth Wells.
C0077The Will of Joane Walker.1652Caverswall.Joane Walker,Nathaniel, John, Samuel Walker, Katherine Gill, Sarah (?).
C0078The Will of Robert Parker.1646Roughcote Caverswall.Robert Parker.
C0079The Will of Matthew Cradock.1636Caverswall.Mathew Cradock.
C0080The Will of Robert Holme.1653Caverswall.Robert Holme, Katherine Holme,Ellen Holme of Longnor, Thomas Holme, George Higginbotham.
C0081The Will of Walter Hill Coyney.1844Weston Coyney.Mary Catherine Coyney, Charles Coyney, Thomas Edward Coyney, John Vanzeller, Captain Hippolite Pelliet.
C0082Stamp Duty and Taxes;Personal Estate: The Late Walter Hill Coyney. 1846Weston Coyney.Richard Clarke Hill, Mary Hill, Frances & Elizabeth Smith,Me`ssrs Glover, Chatfield, Slinn, Capper, Burton, Hassall, Beardmore, Hill, Mason, Salt, Hughes, Mosley,Smith,Harvey, Marson, Sutton, Bowers.
C0083Investigation of Accident to Venom Aircraft. c1954Nr Intakes Farm, Caverswall.Mr K.B. Forbes, W.L.Picken, S.A. Turner, A.J. Spooner, E. Edwards, A.T. Robinson, N.Atkinson, K.A. Hughes.
C0084The Will of Mary Clifford.1854York.Mary Clifford, Charles Clifford, Edward Lambert Clifford, Walter Clifford, Alphonso Clifford, Constantia Clifford, Francesca Clifford, Mary Lucy Clifford, Joseph Harris.
C0085General Power of Attorney.1855Wellington, New Zealand.Charles Clifford, Alphonso Clifford, William Benett.
C0086Sale of Land.1906Caverswall Wood.Walter Weston Coyney, Walter Richard Jewell,Bertram Bennett.
C0087Auction of two Houses.1897The Green, Cookshill.James Boulton, William Boulton, Ralph Boulton, James Bloor, Walter Richard Jewell.
C0088Lease of House and Shop.1917Caverswall (Former Post Office)Charles Bullock, James Everitt, Christoper Everitt, Ralph Mosley.
C0089Summary of The Park Hall Estate.1840Caverswall Parish.Thomas Hawe Parker and others.
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C0090Auction of The Hope & Anchor Inn and Land.1839Cellarhead.Jervis Forrester and others.
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C0091Petition of Parliament1883Caverswall ParishList of local petitioners.
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C0092Sale of Land and Buildings.1838Intakes, Handley Bank, Caverswall.Adam Walters, James Smith, Thomas James, William Middleton, Simeon Harding, James Sargent, Charles Coyney.
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C0093Sale of Land and Buildings (Later sale of C0092 above)1856Intakes, Handley Bank, Caverswall.James Smith, David Simcock.
C0094Purchase of Land and water for a Mill.1800Cinderhill.Thomas Stirrup, Walter Hill Coyney, Mr Puller, Mr Kenwright, Mr Caldwell, Mr Chawner, Mr Tinsley.
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C0095Particulars of Weston Coyney and Cinderhill Collieries.1876Weston Coyney.Mr P. Pope.
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C0096Sale particulars for two Collieries.1876(Location Unclear)Mr P. Pope.
C0097Lease of a Colliery at Hulme.1896Hulme.Walter Weston Coyney, The Hulme Colliery Co Ltd.
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C0098Lease of The Park Hall Colliery.1906Weston Coyney.Walter Weston Coyney, The Park Hall Collieries Ltd.
C0099Return on Mineral Rights Duty.1911 - 1915Park Hall Colliery.Walter Weston Coyney. The Mossfield Colliery Company. The Inland Revenue.
C0100Abstract of Title.1881 - 1908Cottages and Land at Sheepwash.Walters, Nicklin, Blagg, Masefield, Symcock, Simcock, Johnson, Bloor, Shenton, Challinor, Bucknall, Chell.
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C0101End of Tenancy Agreement 1925Cottage at Sheepwash.Rupert Tomson (Thompson) and Mary Ann Walters.
C0103Sale of Dwelling, Smithy and Outbuildings.1710Caverswall.Principal names : Thomas Walter (a blacksmith), John Walter, Robert Cooper. Witnesses : Humphrey Ridgway, John Wardle.
C0104Sale Particulars1848The Fox Earths Mansion and Estates, Caverswall, Cheddleton, Cheadle and Dilhorne.Transcription Pending.
C0105Sale Particulars.1920Foxearth Hall Estate.Transcription Pending.
C0106Sale Particulars.1921Windycote Farm nr Cellarhead.Herbert Tunna.
C0107Sale Particulars.1923Smallholding and Cottage, Caverswall.Albert Lockett.
C0108Sale Particulars.1923Weston Coyney Farm, Arable Land (Little Weston) and Building Land.No names given.
C0109Sale Particulars.1925Ford Hayes Farm nr Hulme.Thomas Colley.
C0110Sale Particulars.1925Small Holding, `Lower Park Head`, Weston Coyney.Norman Hughes.
C0111Sale Particulars.1926Tick Hill Farm, Dilhorne, some land in Caverswall.Mrs E. Walters.
C0112Sale Particulars.1928Hardiwick Farm.Joseph Bassett, Ralph Bassett.
C0113Sale Particulars.1931Cottage, Houses and Croft, Church Terrace, Caverswall.Mr C. Symcox, Staffordshire County Constabulary.
C0114Sale Particulars.1937The Park Hall Estate, Weston Coyney.Transcription Pending.
C0115Sale Particulars.1886Ridge Fields Farm, nr Cellarhead.Ruth Cordon.
C0116Sale of two dwellings. (Including epitome of Title)1883Caverswall Village.James Hughes, William Whilock, John Miller, Thomas Brassington, Patrick Marey, Jacob Milner, John Wood.(John Heath, William Marson, Ann Marson, Josiah Marson, Herbert Marson, Thomas Walters)
C0117Agreement for the supply of Domestic Water.1895Blythe Bridge, Blythe Marsh, Forsbrooke, Caverswall and Cookshill.The Rural Sanitary Authority for the District of Cheadle and The Staffordshire Potteries Water Works Company.
C0118Rental of Land.1861 - 1873.Hulme DaleThomas Reeves, Jane Reeves Thomas Shaw, James Shaw.
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C0119Insurance Valuations.1838The Workhouse, Cheadle.View document .pdf
C0120 Indenture.1691The Manors of Caverswall and Dilhorne.William Parker and others. Transcription Pending.
C0121Tenancy Agreement for 3 years.1850Fox Earth Hall. Thomas Powys, Job Meigh, John Cruso, Mrs Figgis.
C0122Lease.1912Weston Coyney Hall.Walter Weston Coyney, Joseph Richard Haines.
C0123Plan of land to be sold.1906 Land adjacent to Cookshill Mill (Part of the Weston Coyney Estate)Walter Weston Coyney, Mr Jewell, W.E. Bowers, John Coventry.
C0124Sale of Public House and Land.1920The` Weston Coyney Arms` at Hulme (The Candlesticks)Walter Weston Coyney, Emma Ann Harvey, George Frederick Harvey.
C0125 Mortgage of property and lands as security for a bank account for the firm of `Bridgwood and Sons`. (Factory at Longton) 1886The Parks, Meir Lane Farm, Bridge Field and others in Caverswall.Mary Walker and Rev James Harold Walker of Weston Coyney Hall, Samuel Bridgwood, George Edward Walker, Arthur Sampson Napier and others. Transcription Pending
C0126 Release of Lands.1771A close of land known as the `High Stiles` in Caverswall.William Sutton of Parkhall, Richard Riley, Thomas Payne, John Sparrow, Thomas Blurton.
C0127Agreement.1667Richard Coyney, Mary Coyney, Humphrey Grove, Humphrey Elliots.
C0128 Sale of a Farm and Lands.1902Land at Hulme formerly known as Cash`s ground. The New House Farm.The Trustees of Samuel Clarkson dcd and Charles Bettany. Other names mentioned include Ann Smith, George Bennion, Thomas Bentley, Roland Bentley, John Jenkins, James Richardson, James Donkin.
C0129Agreement regarding shares in an Estate.1852Cheddleton Grange Estate.The Rev John Fenton, Thomas Edward Coyney, Thomas Clark Roden.
C0130 Admittance of Bartholemew Slater to the Advowson of Caverswall. (Appointment of a new Vicar following the death of John Burkinshaw)1671CaverswallGeorge Parker of Park Hall. (He held the patronage of St Peters Church)
C0131Letter regarding the Sale of a mill and a farm.1920Cookshill Mill and Cookshill Farm, Caverswall.Mr Wildblood (purchased the Mill) George Green (purchased the Farm) Walter Weston Coyney was the vendor.
C0132 Letter regarding the purchase of a farm and the sale of a cottage holding and a farm.1920 Home Farm at Weston Coyney. Holding called `Cocking` at Caverswall Common. Cookshill Hall Farm.George Walter Hughes, Mr Clarkson.
C0133Notice of County Court Hearing in respect of the Tithe Act 1891.1897Little Hardiwick, Caverswall.Thomas Walters.
C0134Letter from the Surveyor Of Roads requesting a donation of stone to carry out repairs to Washerwall Lane `which has been in a shocking condition for years`.1898Stone Quarry at Washerwall.Mr Mc Harg. John Coventry.
C0135Note and plan regarding the land taken by the Adderley Green and Bucknall Railway from Mr Forrester`s Farm.1874Weston Coyney.Thomas Forrester.
C0136Lease of Farm.1903The Ivy House Farm, Caverswall.William Eli Bowers, John William Shore Bradsaw, Henry Tompkinson.
C0137Receipt for payment received.1903The Weston Coyney Estate.W.R. Jewell, Builder at Caverswall.
C0138Underlease of Mines.1882Mines of coal and ironstone at Hulme. Joseph Waine, Charles Waine, Elijah Lingard, Mary Dale, Joseph Whilock, William Hurst, Thomas Shaw.
C0139Article from Newsaper : Farmer prosecuted by the War Agricultural Committee. August 1917The Beeches Farm, Hulme.Mr J. Smith.
C0140Sale of house and plot of land.1909Caverswall Common.Harriet Challinor, Arthur Edwards, Thomas Edwards, Sarah Platt.
C0141Sale of plot of land and dwelling house.1856Mear Lane, Caverswall. (previously a portion of Caverswall Park)John Burrows, Thomas Poole Burrows, John Adderley, Charles Harvey, Richard Barker, George Weston, William Weston.
C0142Abstract of Title to property and land previously in the ownership of Jervis Forrester and others.1849Cellarhead. Includes the Hope and Anchor Inn.Joseph Wright, William Wright, Joshua Dale, Rev. C Hassals and others.
C0143Sale of plot of land and 2 dwellings.1855Mear Lane, Caverswall.Robert Slaney, Thomas Heath, James Cooper, Elizabeth Brown.
C0144Three documents regarding the assignment of a farm and lands.1856Withystakes.Charles Coyney, Samuel Dukinfield Swarbreck, John Shaw, John Hackett Goddard, Eli Lovatt, George Lawton, Ralph Leese, Gabriel Leese, William Leese, Daniel Hassall, Adam Walters.
C0145The Will of Ann Turner.1838Caverswall and Shifnall in Shropshire.Mary Burgess, Ann Booth, William Turner Burgess, Eleanor Tuner, Thomas Walmsley Burgess, John Burgess, Joseph Booth, John Heathcote, James Bloore.
C0146Auction Particulars, Small Holding, Cottage and Land.1920 `Bark House`, a Cottage and land at Hulme. Land at Cheadle.Millicent Cooper, George Lees, Thomas Lindop, George Boulton, Mr Inskip.
C0147Sale of plot of Land.1840Mear Lane, Caverswall.Elizabeth Brown, Thomas Heath.
C0148Sale of plot of Land.1849Mear Lane, Caverswall.Thomas Goddard, Joseph Salt, Thomas Heath, Robert Slaney.
C0149Sale of plot of Land.1842The Park, Caverswall.John Hendley Sherriden, Thomas Cope, George William Weston, Rupert Adderley.
C0150Sale of plot of land, house and outbuildings.1843The Park, Caverswall.John Adderley, Rupert Adderley, John Burrows, Thomas Poole Burrows, George Young, Edwin Clarke.
C0151Sale of two closes of land.1863, 1866, 1867.Part of the Bank House Estate - Hanley Banks.Walter Blurton, Henry Walters, William Spooner, Richard Pratt, Felix Edwards Pratt, Joseph Gimson, Jane Gimson.

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