Kelly`s Directory 1900

A list of the people included in Kelly’s Directory at the turn of the century – 1900.

The directory entry for Caverswall describes it as a pleasant village and parish with a railway station at Meir. The parish lies within the Leek Division of the County, a part of the Cheadle Poor Law Union, County Court and Petty Sessional Division. The parish is within the Rural Deanery of Cheadle, the Archdeaconry of Stoke on Trent and the Diocese of Lichfield.

The church of St Peter is an ancient edifice of stone, in the Gothic style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, south porch and a low embattled western tower containing three bells. The church was restored in 1879-80 at a cost of £2,293.00. `The church of Holy Trinity at the Meir, built in 1891, at a cost of £2,800.00 is an edifice of the Late Gothic style built on a site given by the late Duke of Sutherland and consists of chancel, nave, porch and a temporary vestry. The directory also notes the presence of a Wesleyan chapel and the works of the Staffordshire Potteries Water Company.

Caverswall Castle is described as a large mansion with a lofty keep and towers at each angle and is surrounded by a deep moat. Previously the residence of a community of Benedictine Nuns the Castle is now the private residence of William Eli Bowers esq. J.P. The Catholic Church of St Filumena has been built in the grounds of the Castle. The lord of the manor is William Robert Parker Jervis of Meaford Hall with Walter Weston Coyney and William Eli Bowers the other principal landowners. The soil is clay and gravel, subsoil clay. The crops are cereals of all kinds. The area of the parish is 5,700 acres, rateable value, £19,876, the population in 1891 was 6,125.

Weston Coyney and Hulme are described as hamlets in the parish with a land area of 3,579 acres. Weston Coyney Hall, an old mansion now occupied by Thomas Story and John Frederick Ridgway is the property of the Coyney family. Park Hall, a brick mansion, pleasantly standing on rising ground, is the property of the Hon. Mrs Parker-Jervis.` Werrington is also listed as a hamlet with Cellarhead, Adderley Green, Cookshill, Meir Lane and Dividy Lane listed as localities within the parish. The Local Government Act of 1894 created a separate parish for the suburb of Longton known as East Vale.

Post Offices: Caverswall, Werrington, Meir Lane.
Schools : National, Caverwall built in 1864; National, East Vale built in 1870; County Industrial, Werrington built in 1870; Board, Hulme and Werrington built 1895; Board, Adderley Green built 1884; Board, The Meir built 1876; Catholic built in 1872.


Name :

Address :

Caverswall PrivateRev. C. AddenbrookeHoly Trinity, Meir
Caverswall PrivateRev. J.G. AddenbrookeThe Vicarage
Caverswall PrivateRobert  BakerThe Villas
Caverswall PrivateWilliam Bowers  J.PThe Castle
Caverswall PrivateThomas CopestakeWeston Road
Caverswall PrivateJoseph EdwardsMeir Green
Caverswall PrivateJohn HarrisonMeir Villa, Meir Lane
Caverswall PrivateThomas HulseWeston Road
Caverswall PrivateWilliam IrvingWeston Road
Caverswall PrivateJohn JenkinsonWeston Road
Caverswall PrivateHenry KaneThe Villas
Caverswall PrivateTom LawrenceMeir Lane
Caverswall PrivateRev. E. MooreThe Presbytery
Caverswall PrivateJohn MorganThe Villas
Caverswall PrivateJohn PhillipsWeston Road
Caverswall PrivateSamuel SwiftWeston Road
Caverswall PrivateHenry TompkinsonIvy Cottage
Caverswall PrivateMiss WaltersThe Villas
Caverswall PrivateWilliam WoodcockMeir Lane
Caverswall PrivateAlfred WoodwardThe Villas
Caverswall CommercialRupert Abberley, Farmer 
Caverswall CommercialAdderley Green CollieriesAdderley Green
Caverswall CommercialGeorge Ball, DraperMeir Lane
Caverswall CommercialIsabella Ball, GrocerWeston Road
Caverswall CommercialGeorge Banks, Boot MakerMeir Lane
Caverswall CommercialHenry Barker, Beer RetlrMeir Lane
Caverswall CommercialWilliam Bates, ShopkeeperAdderley Green
Caverswall CommercialThomas Beardmore, GrocerMeir Lane
Caverswall CommercialSamuel Bennett, ShopkeeperAdderley Green
Caverswall CommercialJames Bettany, ShopkeeperAdderley Green
Caverswall CommercialEdward Booth, FarmerYew Trees
Caverswall CommercialWilliam Bradbury, FarmerBank House
Caverswall CommercialJoseph Brassington, Tailor and

School Board Officer

Weston Coyney Road
Caverswall CommercialFrancis Brereton, Beer Retlr

and Grocer

Adderley Green
Caverswall CommercialJohn Henry Bull, ButcherAdderley Green
Caverswall CommercialJames Capewell, FarmerStone House
Caverswall CommercialMary Capewell, FarmerCookshill
Caverswall CommercialThomas Capewell, DraperWeston Road
Caverswall CommercialMargaret Challinor, FarmerWoodhouse Farm
Caverswall CommercialJames Clarkson, Farmer and


Weston Road
Caverswall CommercialWilliam Clay, GrocerWeston Road
Caverswall CommercialAmy Copestake, ShopkeeperWeston Road
Caverswall CommercialThomas Copestake,

Commercial Traveller

Weston Road
Caverswall CommercialClarissa Dayson, Grocer

and Beer Retlr

Weston Road
Caverswall CommercialThomas Fallows, FarmerMeir Lane
Caverswall CommercialHenry Froggatt, Beer Retlr

and Shopkeeper

Weston Road
Caverswall CommercialJohn Foster, JoinerWeston Road
Caverswall CommercialClarence Hallam, Beer Retlr

and Grocer

Meir Lane
Caverswall CommercialThomas Hartnell, BootmakerMeir Lane
Caverswall CommercialRupert Hawkins, Farmer 
Caverswall CommercialWilliam Hawkins, Farmer 
Caverswall CommercialGeorge Hibbert, ShopkeeperWeston Road
Caverswall CommercialJohn Hodgkinson, FarmerMeir Road
Caverswall CommercialHerbert Hood, Grocer

and Beer Retlr

Meir Lane
Caverswall CommercialThomas Hood, FarmerMeir Farm
Caverswall CommercialGeorge Hughes, CowkeeperBolton Gate
Caverswall CommercialJas Hughes, Publican

and Farmer

Red House
Caverswall CommercialJohn Hughes, Butcher 
Caverswall CommercialRichard Hulme, Shopkeeper 
Caverswall CommercialJohn Jackson, FarmerDovehurst Farm
Caverswall CommercialSamuel Jenkinson, Shopkeeper

and Beer Retlr

Meir Lane
Caverswall CommercialWalter Jewel, Builder 
Caverswall CommercialArthur Keeling, PublicanThe Auctioneers Arms
Caverswall CommercialDaniel Keen, Shopkeeper 
Caverswall CommercialJohn Lucas, FarmerMeir Lane
Caverswall CommercialWilliam Middleton, ShopkeeperAdderley Green
Caverswall CommercialRalph Mosley, Grocer 
Caverswall CommercialThomas John Oakley, Farmer

& Assistant Overseer

Park Hall Collieries
Caverswall CommercialRichard Robinson, ManagerPark Hall Collieries
Caverswall CommercialClara Phillips, FarmerCresswellford
Caverswall CommercialJohn Porter, Farmer 
Caverswall CommercialWilliam Rigby, Coal MasterMossfield Colliery
Caverswall CommercialHenry Rochel, ShopkeeperWeston Road
Caverswall CommercialCharles Rushton, FarmerMeir Lane
Caverswall CommercialDavid Rushton, FarmerPark Farm
Caverswall CommercialJohn Rushton, GrocerMeir
Caverswall CommercialWilliam Salt, ShopkeeperAdderley Green
Caverswall CommercialFrederick William Shenton

Joiner and Wheelwright

Weston Road
Caverswall CommercialThomas Sigley, FarmerBlyth Farm
Caverswall CommercialThomas Simcox, Crate MakerRoughcote
Caverswall CommercialThomas Slack, Farmer 
Caverswall CommercialJohn Slinn, BlacksmithCookshill
Caverswall CommercialJohn Slinn jnr, WheelwrightCookshill
Caverswall CommercialSamuel Smith, ShopkeeperAdderley Green
Caverswall CommercialFrancis Spooner, Farmer 
Caverswall CommercialStaffordshire Potteries

Water Works Co. Limited

Caverswall CommercialAlfred Staniard, FarmerHome Farm
Caverswall CommercialRichard Steel, Tailor & DraperWeston Road
Caverswall CommercialThomas Thorley, FarmerMeir Lane
Caverswall CommercialTomkinson & Bettelley

Brick Makers

Catchems Corner
Caverswall CommercialDavid Tunnicliffe, Grocer

& Post Offfice

Weston Road
Caverswall CommercialEllen Turner, ShopkeeperWeston Road
Caverswall CommercialBrian Upton, ButcherWeston Road
Caverswall CommercialAdam Walters, FarmerCookshill
Caverswall CommercialAlfred Walters, FarmerCookshill
Caverswall CommercialFrederick James Waters


The Kings Arms
Caverswall CommercialThomas Weaver & Sons

Grocer, Beer Retlr, Post Office

Meir Lane
Caverswall CommercialWilliam Webster, ShopkeeperAdderley Green
Caverswall CommercialJohn Winkup, Beer RetlrMeir Lane
Caverswall CommercialWilliam Wood, Boot Maker 
Caverswall CommercialWilliam Thomas Wood, ShopkeeperAdderley Green
Caverswall CommercialAlfred Woodward

Commercial Traveller

The Villas
Caverswall CommercialRobert Wright, GreengrocerMeir Lane
Weston Coyney PrivateJohn AynsleyThe Elms
Weston Coyney PrivateJoseph GreatbachAdderley Green
Weston Coyney PrivateRichard Joseph HainesAdderley Green
Weston Coyney PrivateWilliam Hudson 
Weston Coyney PrivateEdward MayerAdderley House
Weston Coyney PrivateAlfred MearThe Limes
Weston Coyney PrivateStephen MearWeston Coyney Villa
Weston Coyney PrivateThe Hon. Mrs Parker-JervisPark Hall
Weston Coyney PrivateJohn Frederick RidgwayThe Hall
Weston Coyney PrivateThomas StoreyThe Hall
Weston Coyney CommercialEnoch Clarkson, FarmerCellarhead
Weston Coyney CommercialSampson Davis, Shoe Maker 
Weston Coyney CommercialAdam Edwards, Beer RetlrAdderley Green
Weston Coyney CommercialFrederick Farnland, PublicanThe Railway Inn

Adderley Green

Weston Coyney CommercialCollin Gallimore, PublicanThe Waggon & Horses

Dividy Lane

Weston Coyney CommercialRichard Goodwin, FarmerRoughcote
Weston Coyney CommercialSamuel Hardy, PublicanThe Hope and Anchor


Weston Coyney CommercialSamuel Hough, GrocerDividy Lane
Weston Coyney CommercialJohn Hughes, FarmerParkhead Farm
Weston Coyney CommercialJosiah Marson, Farmer
Weston Coyney CommercialThomas Millward, Farmer
Weston Coyney CommercialArthur Proctor, ShopkeeperWeston Coyney Road
Weston Coyney CommercialWilliam Salt, Grocer

and Beer Retlr

Adderley Green
Weston Coyney CommercialSampson Shaw, FarmerPark Hall Farm
Weston Coyney CommercialMary Smith, FarmerCaptains Barn Farm
Weston Coyney CommercialAlfred Stanier, Farmer
Weston Coyney CommercialGeorge Stanier, Farmer
Weston Coyney CommercialAnn Stannah, FarmerAdderley Green
Weston Coyney CommercialStephen Stubbs, FarmerCellarhead
Weston Coyney CommercialRalph Totton, ButcherAdderley Green
Weston Coyney CommercialJames Tunnicliffe, FarmerSmallbrooke
Weston Coyney CommercialSamuel Walters, Farmer
Weston Coyney CommercialJoseph Warrall, ShopkeeperAdderley Green
Weston Coyney CommercialJohn James Wright

Farmer and Butcher

Hulme CommercialThomas Brassington, Farmer 
Hulme CommercialWilliam Bull, Blacksmith 
Hulme CommercialGeorge Harvey, PublicanThe Coyney Arms
Hulme CommercialJohn Harvey, Farmer 
Hulme CommercialThomas Heath, FarmerWinterfield Lane
Hulme CommercialHulme Colliery Company Ltd 
Hulme CommercialErnest James, Farmer

and Butcher

Hulme CommercialJohn William Matthews, FarmerBolton Gate
Hulme CommercialJames Shaw, Farmer 
Hulme CommercialThomas Slack, Farmer 
Hulme CommercialErnest Smith, Farmer 
Hulme CommercialThomas Waine, FarmerWillow Fields
Hulme CommercialEnoch Weston, Farmer 
Hulme CommercialFrances Mary Woolridge, FarmerStone House
Hulme CommercialThomas Collier, Farmer 
WerringtonJames Berrisford, FarmerFoxholes
WerringtonJames Capewell, Farmer 
WerringtonSamuel Clarkeson

Farmer and Butcher

WerringtonWilliam Clarkeson, Farmer 
WerringtonAlfred Cooke, ShopkeeperPost Office
WerringtonSamuel Corden, Farmer 
WerringtonThomas Dawson, Blacksmith 
WerringtonWilliam Forrester, PublicanThe Windmill
WerringtonJoseph Goodwin, Farmer 
WerringtonJoseph Hewitt, Farmer 
WerringtonJoseph James, Farmer

and Butcher

WerringtonHerbert Myatt, Farmer 
WerringtonHarrriet Pattison, PublicanThe Red Cow
WerringtonStephen Reeves, Farmer 
WerringtonHerbert Shenton, Farmer 
WerringtonJoseph Shenton, Farmer 
WerringtonEnoch Sherwin, Farmer

and Butcher

WerringtonMathew Sherwin, Farmer 
WerringtonThomas Unwin, Farmer 
WerringtonEdgar Waine, Shopkeeper 
WerringtonErnest Wiston, Farmer 
WerringtonEdward Wixton, Farmer 
WerringtonCounty Industrial School

Benjamin Horth, Superintendent

MeirMary Adams, Draper 
MeirJohn Blakeman, ButcherStation Road
MeirJames Bradbury, GreengrocerStation Road

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