Parish Survey – 1839

A comprehensive survey of property, landowners and sub-tenants.

A survey of the land and property within the parish was completed in 1839. The survey was probably carried out in response to the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836. The Act removed the requirement for people to pay their parish tithes with goods and replaced this with payments of money. The survey records the names of the landowners, the details of the land and property they owned and the names of any sub-tenants. Over 1500 individual plots are listed including many field names now lost in the mists of time like the Devils Nook, Lower Skinners Grief and the Tip Cat Field.

Tithe Survey 1839

Weston Coyney1James SargentJames HillCottage and Garden0.0.19
Weston Coyney2James SargentBenjamin HolmesCottage and Garden0.0.13
Weston Coyney3James SargentJames HillMarsh0.3.4
Weston Coyney4James SargentJames HillMarsh1.2.15
Weston Coyney5James SargentJames HillMarsh1.3.19
Weston Coyney6Richard ScarrattIn HandMarsh Meadow1.2.34
Weston Coyney7Richard ScarrattGeorge ScarrattWell Croft0.2.10
Weston Coyney8Richard ScarrattGeorge ScarrattMilking Bank0.3.39
Weston Coyney9Richard ScarrattGeorge ScarrattCoyney Ground2.1.37
Weston Coyney10Richard ScarrattIn HandLong Meadow2.1.2
Weston Coyney11Richard ScarrattGeorge ScarrattCoyney Ground2.1.15
Weston Coyney12Richard ScarrattIn HandHedlock Field3.1.28
Weston Coyney13James SargentJohn WestConey Greave1.1.27
Weston Coyney14James SargentJohn WestConey Greave2.0.25
Weston Coyney15Thomas ShentonIn HandPublic House and Garden0.0.28
Weston Coyney16Thomas ShentonIn HandNear Greave1.0.33
Weston Coyney17Thomas ShentonIn HandNear Greave1.1.5
Weston Coyney18Thomas ShentonThomas ShentonTwo Cottages and Gardens0.0.18
Weston Coyney18aThomas ShentonJoseph SmithCottages and Gardens
Weston Coyney19Thomas ShentonIn HandBank1.0.18
Weston Coyney20Thomas ShentonIn HandBank Field2.1.6
Weston Coyney21Jervis ForresterIn HandForester Greave0.2.24
Weston Coyney22Jervis ForresterIn HandWell Field5.2.1
Weston Coyney23Jervis ForresterIn HandHarris`s Meadow7.3.8
Weston Coyney24Jervis ForresterIn HandKits Pasture2.2.24
Weston Coyney25Jervis ForresterIn HandBalls Bank6.3.25
Weston Coyney26Jervis ForresterIn HandBowling Green Croft2.2.9
Weston Coyney27Jervis ForresterIn HandPublic House Outbuildings and Garden0.2.35
Weston Coyney28Jervis ForresterIn HandOld Brick Kiln Field4.1.5
Weston Coyney29Jervis ForresterIn HandSix Days Math4.1.37
Weston Coyney30William SargentIn HandHeath Field3.2.5
Weston Coyney31William SargentIn HandGorsy Field5.1.34
Weston Coyney32James DaleIn HandFar Topfield1.3.30
Weston Coyney33James DaleIn HandFar Lowerfield1.3.14
Weston Coyney34James DaleIn HandSlang0.1.26
Weston Coyney35James DaleIn HandMiddle Field2.1.28
Weston Coyney36James DaleIn HandNear Field2.1.29
Weston Coyney37James DaleIn HandHouse Buildings and Croft3.0.2
Weston Coyney38George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallSquare Field Squires Piece4.0.31
Weston Coyney39Ralph ShawWilliam CordenHouse Buildings Stockyard0.1.36
Weston Coyney40Ralph ShawWilliam CordenBank1.2.27
Weston Coyney41Ralph ShawWilliam CordenWhite Field3.1.18
Weston Coyney42Ralph ShawWilliam CordenThe Meadow4.0.0
Weston Coyney43Ralph ShawWilliam CordenWell Field0.3.30
Weston Coyney44Ralph ShawWilliam CordenMiddle Field2.3.19
Weston Coyney45Ralph ShawWilliam CordenLong Field1.0.0
Weston Coyney46Ann BarberMary SherrattCottage and Garden0.0.13
Weston Coyney47Ralph ShawWilliam CordenLong Acre1.1.29
Weston Coyney48Ralph ShawWilliam CordenFar Field2.3.8
Weston Coyney49Ralph ShawWilliam CordenFar Lower Field3.0.9
Weston Coyney50Ralph ShawWilliam CordenLime Field1.0.30
Weston Coyney51Samuel HughesIn HandLower Park6.3.34
Weston Coyney52Samuel HughesIn HandMiddle Park7.3.22
Weston Coyney53Samuel HughesIn HandScarratts Park8.1.6
Weston Coyney54Samuel HughesIn HandNear Abrams Field3.2.36
Weston Coyney55Samuel HughesIn HandFar Abrams Field3.3.33
Weston Coyney56Samuel HughesIn HandLower Chautys Field5.2.23
Weston Coyney57Samuel HughesIn HandUpper Chautys Field3.0.35
Weston Coyney58Samuel HughesPhilip ShentonCottage and Garden0.0.18
Weston Coyney59Samuel HughesIn HandMarl Pit Field5.21.0
Weston Coyney60Samuel HughesIn HandMarl Pit Field4.0.32
Weston Coyney61Samuel HughesIn HandUpper Field3.3.37
Weston Coyney62Samuel HughesIn HandPlantation2.0.16
Weston Coyney63Samuel HughesIn HandWell Field4.1.10
Weston Coyney64Samuel HughesIn HandUpper Meadow4.3.26
Weston Coyney65Samuel HughesIn HandLittle Park2.0.3
Weston Coyney66Samuel HughesIn HandHouse Buildings Gardens Fold1.0.23
Weston Coyney67Samuel HughesIn HandGarden Park5.1.22
Weston Coyney68Samuel HughesIn HandLower Meadow4.1.27
Weston Coyney69Samuel HughesIn HandRough Meadow6.0.5
Weston Coyney70Samuel HughesIn HandHorse Field5.2.1
Weston Coyney71Trustees of Late T SwinnertonWilliam HeathBig Rushy Field13.3.0
Weston Coyney72Trustees of Late T SwinnertonWilliam HeathPart of Bents1.2.18
Weston Coyney73Trustees of Late T SwinnertonWilliam Heath[Blank Space]6.3.34
Weston Coyney74Trustees of Late T SwinnertonWilliam Heath[Blank Space]9.0.36
Weston Coyney75Trustees of Late T SwinnertonWilliam Heath[Blank Space]5.3.29
Weston Coyney76Trustees of Late T SwinnertonWilliam HeathPart of Slang1.1.15
Weston Coyney77Trustees of Late T SwinnertonWilliam HeathLittle Wood Field1.0.3
Weston Coyney78Trustees of Late T SwinnertonWilliam HeathSlang Wood Piece5.3.11
Weston Coyney78aThomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPlantation6.3.8
Weston Coyney79Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPlantation82.1.24
Weston Coyney80Trustees of Late T SwinnertonWilliam HeathLower Rough4.1.30
Weston Coyney81Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyLower Close4.0.20
Weston Coyney82Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyMiddle Field4.0.18
Weston Coyney83Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyDrumble Field1.3.20
Weston Coyney84Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyYewtree Field4.1.35
Weston Coyney85Samuel HughesIn HandGorsy Bank5.0.28
Weston Coyney86Charles BrassingtonIn HandBig Clover4.0.0
Weston Coyney87Charles BrassingtonIn HandLittle Clover0.3.34
Weston Coyney88George Clifford EsqWilliam HewittHouse Garden Smiths Shop0.0.16
Weston Coyney89Charles BrassingtonIn HandNew Field3.3.18
Weston Coyney90Charles BrassingtonIn HandUpper Field3.1.18
Weston Coyney91Charles BrassingtonIn HandHouse Buildings0.2.24
Weston Coyney92Charles BrassingtonIn HandThe Meadow3.3.37
Weston Coyney93Charles BrassingtonIn HandBarn Field3.0.15
Weston Coyney94Charles BrassingtonIn HandRye Croft2.0.0
Weston Coyney94aCharles BrassingtonIn HandRoad0.2.24
Weston Coyney95Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyYewtree Field1.2.16
Weston Coyney96Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyBig Meadow4.3.21
Weston Coyney97Mrs BakerIn HandPlantation0.3.6
Weston Coyney98Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyTurnip Field3.1.35
Weston Coyney99Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyLower Meadow3.0.26
Weston Coyney100Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyRailway Field3.2.16
Weston Coyney101Mrs BakerIn HandPlantation0.0.21
Weston Coyney102Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyLittle Mullings1.1.13
Weston Coyney103Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyDraining Field2.1.2
Weston Coyney104Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyFar Barn Field1.3.13
Weston Coyney105Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyNear Barn Field1.1.35
Weston Coyney106Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyThree Cornered Field1.1.4
Weston Coyney107Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyLower Plantation Field2.0.3
Weston Coyney108Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyUpper Plantation Field2.3.17
Weston Coyney109Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyOrchard0.2.10
Weston Coyney110Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyHouse Outbuildings Gardens Fold2.0.9
Weston Coyney111Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyCroft1.0.9
Weston Coyney112Mrs BakerIn HandPlantation0.0.13
Weston Coyney113Mrs BakerIn HandPlantation0.0.38
Weston Coyney114Mrs BakerMrs Elizabeth BradburyGarden Field4.3.8
Weston Coyney115Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightDevils Nook8.0.30
Weston Coyney116Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightButt Field11.0.28
Weston Coyney117Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightThe Hill6.1.36
Weston Coyney118Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightFar Pit Field2.0.28
Weston Coyney119Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightNear Pit Field2.3.13
Weston Coyney120Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightThe Hill6.1.36
Weston Coyney121Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightBig Croft2.1.20
Weston Coyney122Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightGravel Pit Field9.1.13
Weston Coyney123Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightRobin Hood8.3.12
Weston Coyney124Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightField9.2.14
Weston Coyney125Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightLittle Field7.2.21
Weston Coyney126Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightHouse Buildings Gardens Fold1.3.29
Weston Coyney127Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightGarden Field4.1.30
Weston Coyney128Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightBarn Field11.0.24
Weston Coyney129Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandCresses Piece Plantation17.3.1
Weston Coyney130Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightSlang2.1.25
Weston Coyney131Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightSlang3.2.34
Weston Coyney132Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightStephens Meadow2.0.16
Weston Coyney133Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightSheep Wash Meadow2.1.19
Weston Coyney134Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightSheep Wash Field7.3.35
Weston Coyney135Thomas Hawe Parker EsqRichard SimcockMeadow1.0.22
Weston Coyney136Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHannah FarralGravel Pit Meadow0.2.2
Weston Coyney137Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightTwo Rood Field5.1.29
Weston Coyney138Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightOld Seed Field5.3.23
Weston Coyney139Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightSix Acre Field6.2.35
Weston Coyney140Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightFive Acre Field6.0.3
Weston Coyney141William MartinJohn WalkerCottage and Garden
Weston Coyney142William MartinJohn WalkerMillers Croft1.0.7
Weston Coyney143William MartinIn HandMalthouse Fields with The Mill4.1.10
Weston Coyney144William MartinIn HandThree Corner Flat2.1.7
Weston Coyney145William MartinIn HandUpper Ship Field and Buildings2.32.27
Weston Coyney146William MartinIn HandPublic House and Garden0.1.2
Weston Coyney147William MartinIn HandSlang0.3.16
Weston Coyney148William MartinIn HandUpper Malthouse Field2.3.6
Weston Coyney149William MartinIn HandMiddle Ship Field2.0.20
Weston Coyney150William MartinIn HandLower Malthouse Field2.0.38
Weston Coyney151William MartinIn HandLower Ship Field3.1.17
Weston Coyney152William MartinIn HandFranks Meadow4.3.27
Weston Coyney153William MartinIn HandFranks Field3.3.18
Weston Coyney154William MartinIn HandWillotts Meadow4.2.1
Weston Coyney155William MartinIn HandLower Barn Field3.1.29
Weston Coyney156William MartinIn HandUpper Barn Field3.1.26
Weston Coyney157Thomas HeathIn HandBig Sandy Butts4.1.37
Weston Coyney158Thomas HeathIn HandLittle Sandy Butts3.3.12
Weston Coyney159Thomas HeathIn HandFar Fishpond Field5.0.25
Weston Coyney160Thomas HeathIn HandLittle Fishpond Field2.2.19
Weston Coyney161George Clifford EsqJoseph WardleSquare Croft5.1.20
Weston Coyney162George Clifford EsqJoseph WardleSlang1.3.17
Weston Coyney163George Clifford EsqJoseph WardlePark7.1.5
Weston Coyney164George Clifford EsqWilliam StubbsMeadow2.1.7
Weston Coyney165George Clifford EsqWilliam StubbsHouse Buildings and Croft0.3.0
Weston Coyney166George Clifford EsqWilliam StubbsPear Tree Field1.2.30
Weston Coyney167George Clifford EsqWilliam StubbsSpring Field2.2.3
Weston Coyney168Samuel BarberWilliam BrooksRobin Hood3.1.4
Weston Coyney169Samuel BarberWilliam BrooksHouse Outbuildings Gardens0.1.6
Weston Coyney170Samuel BarberWilliam BrooksFar Field1.3.23
Weston Coyney171Samuel BarberWilliam BrooksBull Field2.0.6
Weston Coyney172Samuel BarberWilliam BrooksWheat Field2.0.5
Weston Coyney173Samuel BarberWilliam BrooksSpring Field3.1.13
Weston Coyney174Samuel BarberWilliam BrooksBogs2.0.5
Weston Coyney175Samuel BarberWilliam BrooksPark Bogs2.3.15
Weston Coyney176Samuel BarberWilliam BrooksThe Bogs2.2.6
Weston Coyney177George Clifford EsqJoseph WardleSprings1.1.17
Weston Coyney178George Clifford EsqJoseph WardlePool Meadow5.0.15
Weston Coyney179George Clifford EsqJoseph WardleHouse Outbuildings Garden1.0.34
Weston Coyney180George Clifford EsqJoseph WardleHemp Yard0.2.18
Weston Coyney181George Clifford EsqJoseph WardleBarn Croft2.1.17
Weston Coyney182George Clifford EsqJoseph WardleHouse Croft3.1.26
Weston Coyney183George Clifford EsqJoseph WardleMiddle Field4.0.12
Weston Coyney184George Clifford EsqJoseph WardleRough Meadow2.3.15
Weston Coyney185George Clifford EsqJoseph WardlePasture2.1.27
Weston Coyney186George Clifford EsqJoseph WardleCross Butts3.2.0
Weston Coyney187Thomas HeathIn HandCalf Croft1.3.4
Weston Coyney188Thomas HeathIn HandWater Field1.1.25
Weston Coyney189Thomas HeathIn HandHouse Outbuildings Fold Garden1.0.30
Weston Coyney190Thomas HeathIn HandSlate Field4.2.4
Weston Coyney191Thomas HeathIn HandDale Meadow7.3.32
Weston Coyney192Thomas HeathIn HandNear Fish Pond Field2.0.20
Weston Coyney193Thomas HeathIn HandBig Fish Pond Field7.2.9
Weston Coyney194Thomas HeathIn HandFar Fish Pond Field2.0.20
Weston Coyney195Thomas HeathIn HandFar Brook Meadow3.1.27
Weston Coyney196Thomas HeathIn HandNear Brook Meadow2.2.30
Weston Coyney197Thomas HeathIn HandStick Field4.2.31
Weston Coyney198Thomas HeathIn HandRye Field4.2.0
Weston Coyney199Thomas HeathJohn CopelandLittle Lower Field2.2.3
Weston Coyney200Thomas HeathJohn CopelandMeadow5.2.10
Weston Coyney201Thomas HeathJohn CopelandOld Croft2.3.26
Weston Coyney202Thomas HeathJohn CopelandHouse Buildings Fold0.2.5
Weston Coyney203Thomas HeathJohn CopelandPlantation0.0.10
Weston Coyney203aThomas HeathJohn CopelandMilking Bank0.3.9
Weston Coyney204Thomas HeathJohn CopelandHolly Croft2.0.27
Weston Coyney205Thomas HeathIn HandPit Meadow3.0.12
Weston Coyney206Thomas HeathIn HandUpper Slate Field4.3.18
Weston Coyney207Thomas HeathIn HandLong Field2.1.4
Weston Coyney208Thomas HeathIn HandLower Barn Field3.0.4
Weston Coyney209Thomas HeathIn HandUpper Barn Field3.3.21
Weston Coyney210Thomas HeathIn HandNear Dale Field4.3.7
Weston Coyney211Thomas HeathIn HandFar Dale Field4.0.22
Weston Coyney212Thomas HeathIn HandRough Meadow4.0.16
Weston Coyney213Rev C S HassellsIn HandTower Field2.2.25
Weston Coyney214Rev C S HassellsIn HandPool and Plantation1.2.8
Weston Coyney215Rev C S HassellsIn HandPark5.0.32
Weston Coyney216Rev C S HassellsIn HandPark7.0.38
Weston Coyney217Rev C S HassellsIn HandHouse Building Shrubberies Gardens5.1.6
Weston Coyney218Rev C S HassellsIn HandNear Park6.2.35
Weston Coyney219Rev C S HassellsIn HandPlantation and Buildings0.3.27
Weston Coyney220Rev C S HassellsIn HandPlantation1.1.36
Weston Coyney221Rev C S HassellsIn HandCroft1.3.15
Weston Coyney222Rev C S HassellsIn HandPlantation0.1.9
Weston Coyney223Rev C S HassellsIn HandWater Field4.2.31
Weston Coyney224Rev C S HassellsIn HandWater Engine0.0.15
Weston Coyney225Thomas HeathIn HandFitch Bank2.0.4
Weston Coyney226George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallNorth Ley7.2.30
Weston Coyney227George Clifford EsqIn HandPlantation0.1.0
Weston Coyney228George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallFox Earth Meadow4.1.26
Weston Coyney229George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallCultivating Field3.1.21
Weston Coyney230George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallBarn Croft4.3.5
Weston Coyney231George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallCroft1.0.2
Weston Coyney232George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallGravel Pit Field2.1.14
Weston Coyney233George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallBank1.1.21
Weston Coyney234George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallHouse Building Garden Fold0.2.39
Weston Coyney235George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallUpper Mount Sorrel2.0.24
Weston Coyney236George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallLower Mount Sorrel3.0.0
Weston Coyney237George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallPit Field5.1.0
Weston Coyney238George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallBlack Pasture4.1.0
Weston Coyney239George Clifford EsqIn HandBig Mount Sorrel6.3.12
Weston Coyney240George Clifford EsqIn HandLittle Mount Sorrel3.0.18
Weston Coyney241George Clifford EsqIn HandBess Knit Field4.2.2
Weston Coyney242George Clifford EsqIn HandMarl Field5.0.32
Weston Coyney243George Clifford EsqIn HandLower Meadow6.3.17
Weston Coyney244Jervis ForresterIn HandBarn Croft4.0.21
Weston Coyney245Jervis ForresterIn HandOutbuildings and Fold0.0.31
Weston Coyney246Jervis ForresterIn HandUpper Meadow4.1.35
Weston Coyney248George Clifford EsqIn HandPlantation0.3.10
Weston Coyney249George Clifford EsqGabriel LeesUpper Field6.1.18
Weston Coyney250George Clifford EsqIn HandPlantation0.1.32
Weston Coyney251George Clifford EsqGabriel LeesMarl Pit Field13.0.29
Weston Coyney252George Clifford EsqIn HandPlantation0.3.30
Weston Coyney253George Clifford EsqIn HandPlantation1.2.16
Weston Coyney254George Clifford EsqGabriel LeesLong Field4.0.33
Weston Coyney255George Clifford EsqGabriel LeesFar Field4.3.31
Weston Coyney256George Clifford EsqGabriel LeesLower Meadow3.2.12
Weston Coyney257George Clifford EsqGabriel LeesLime Field4.3.15
Weston Coyney258George Clifford EsqGabriel LeesMiddle Meadow5.1.0
Weston Coyney259George Clifford EsqGabriel LeesHorse Pasture7.0.21
Weston Coyney260George Clifford EsqIn HandPlantation0.1.6
Weston Coyney261George Clifford EsqGabriel LeesCalf Croft0.2.55
Weston Coyney262George Clifford EsqGabriel LeesHouse Outbuildings Garden Fold0.3.0
Weston Coyney263George Clifford EsqGabriel LeesTop Meadow3.3.5
Weston Coyney264Ralph ShawJohn DownsFar Big Pasture2.2.14
Weston Coyney265Ralph ShawJohn DownsNear Big Pasture2.3.11
Weston Coyney266Ralph ShawJohn DownsHouse Outbuildings Garden Fold0.1.25
Weston Coyney267Ralph ShawJohn DownsLittle Bank1.0.26
Weston Coyney268Ralph ShawJohn DownsLittle Pasture2.2.5
Weston Coyney269Ralph ShawJohn DownsMeadow4.2.0
Weston Coyney270George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallHandkerchief Field3.2.32
Weston Coyney271George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallMiddle Cow Hay8.2.4
Weston Coyney272George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallPingle0.2.37
Weston Coyney273George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallBottle Well Field6.3.19
Weston Coyney274George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallRough Meadow4.2.0
Weston Coyney275George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallHorse Pasture7.1.16
Weston Coyney276George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallWell Bottom Field2.3.8
Weston Coyney277Ralph ShawJohn DownsCroft0.3.4
Weston Coyney278Thomas TittersonEphriam DalePublic House and Croft1.1.29
Weston Coyney279George Clifford EsqWilliam LeesHouse Garden and Croft0.2.26
Weston Coyney280George Clifford EsqWilliam LeesBank0.2.26
Weston Coyney281George Clifford EsqWilliam LeesCroft0.0.21
Weston Coyney282George Clifford EsqWilliam LeesBank0.2.26
Weston Coyney283George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallRoad0.0.27
Weston Coyney284George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallBuildings and YardPart of 283
Weston Coyney285George Clifford EsqIn HandPlantation0.3.33
Weston Coyney286George Clifford EsqWilliam LeesBank0.3.32
Weston Coyney287George Clifford EsqRichard BrandonCottage and Garden0.0.27
Weston Coyney288George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallFitch Bank0.3.5
Weston Coyney289George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallBank Meadow2.1.23
Weston Coyney290George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallBig Meadow3.3.30
Weston Coyney291George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallSeed Field3.0.8
Weston Coyney292George Clifford EsqDaniel HassallBig Cow Hay6.3.0
Weston Coyney293George Clifford EsqIn HandPool and Plantation0.1.14
Weston Coyney294Richard ScarrattJohn FinneyOld Meadow3.1.15
Weston Coyney295Richard ScarrattJohn FinneySpring Field3.1.26
Weston Coyney296Richard ScarrattJohn FinneyNear Long Dale3.1.10
Weston Coyney297Richard ScarrattJohn FinneyUpper Spring Field1.3.13
Weston Coyney298Richard ScarrattJohn FinneyWell Croft1.3.5
Weston Coyney299Richard ScarrattJohn FinneyHardy`s Meadow3.3.28
Weston Coyney300Daniel HassallJohn CooperCroft0.3.30
Weston Coyney301Daniel HassallWilliam LeesCottage and Garden0.0.8
Weston Coyney302Daniel HassallJohn CooperCroft0.2.34
Weston Coyney303Daniel HassallJohn LeesCottage and Garden0.0.14
Weston Coyney304Daniel HassallIn HandTwo Houses0.0.20
Weston Coyney305Richard ScarrattJohn FinneyBank1.0.12
Weston Coyney306Richard ScarrattJohn FinneyHouse and Buildings0.1.13
Weston Coyney307Richard ScarrattJohn FinneyWash Croft0.3.13
Weston Coyney308Richard FordJohn FinneyBuildings and Road0.0.35
Weston Coyney309Richard FordJohn FinneyTrundle Bank0.3.34
Weston Coyney310John FinneyIn HandPatch0.0.30
Weston Coyney311Richard FordJohn FinneyWood Bank3.1.25
Weston Coyney312Richard FordJohn FinneyHouse Buildings Road0.2.7
Weston Coyney313Richard FordJohn FinneyCroft and Road1.0.0
Weston Coyney314Richard FordJohn FinneyMeadow1.2.25
Weston Coyney315Richard FordJohn FinneyStable Croft0.1.23
Weston Coyney316Richard FordJohn FinneyNear Ridding2.2.29
Weston Coyney317Richard FordJohn FinneyFar Ridding1.1.11
Weston Coyney318Richard FordJohn FinneyTrundle Meadow3.3.26
Weston Coyney319Richard FordJohn FinneyField below Lane1.3.34
Weston Coyney320Richard FordJohn FinneyWell Field1.1.28
Weston Coyney321Richard FordJohn FinneySquare Field1.3.24
Weston Coyney322Richard FordJohn FinneyMiddle Long Dale2.1.34
Weston Coyney323Richard FordJohn FinneyNear Long Dale2.1.17
Weston Coyney324Richard FordJohn FinneyPotatoe Field2.3.21
Weston Coyney325Richard FordJohn FinneyLittle Bank1.1.30
Weston Coyney326Richard FordJohn FinneyLittle Field1.2.26
Weston Coyney327Richard FordJohn FinneyLittle Field2.0.4
Weston Coyney328Richard FordJohn FinneyBottom Meadow2.3.34
Weston Coyney329John CopelandIn HandLond Field1.3.26
Weston Coyney330John CopelandIn HandMeadow3.2.38
Weston Coyney331John CopelandIn HandHouse Croft1.0.28
Weston Coyney332John CopelandIn HandHouse Outbuildings Garden Fold0.3.3
Weston Coyney333John CopelandIn HandShort Butt1.2.33
Weston Coyney334Mr AstburyBenjamin DownsFar Barn Field5.0.39
Weston Coyney335John CopelandJohn CopelandCopelands Field3.0.23
Weston Coyney336John CopelandJohn CopelandNear Acre2.3.6
Weston Coyney337John CopelandJohn CopelandDelph Field4.2.0
Weston Coyney338John CopelandJohn CopelandFar Acre2.2.12
Weston Coyney339Mr AstburyBenjamin DownsCopelands Field3.3.21
Weston Coyney340John CopelandIn HandPlantation0.1.0
Weston Coyney340aMr AstburyIn HandPlantation0.1.2
Weston Coyney341Mr AstburyBenjamin DownsMilking Bank0.3.21
Weston Coyney342Mr AstburyBenjamin DownsHouse Buildings Gardens Fold0.1.32
Weston Coyney343Mr AstburyBenjamin DownsGarden0.0.25
Weston Coyney344Mr AstburyBenjamin DownsBackside Field2.2.0
Weston Coyney345Mr AstburyBenjamin DownsFar Backside Field2.2.33
Weston Coyney346Mr AstburyBenjamin DownsFar Backside Field
Weston Coyney347Mr AstburyBenjamin DownsLittle Meadow2.3.32
Weston Coyney348Mr AstburyBenjamin DownsUpper Backside Field3.0.4
Weston Coyney349Mr AstburyBenjamin DownsHigh Field6.1.7
Weston Coyney350Mr AstburyBenjamin DownsMiddle Meadow3.3.32
Weston Coyney351Mr AstburyBenjamin DownsWell Meadow4.0.12
Weston Coyney352Job MeighThomas SherwinNook Piece0.2.27
Weston Coyney353Job MeighIn HandPlantation0.0.20
Weston Coyney354Ralph ShawJohn DownsRoad Field3.0.15
Weston Coyney355Ralph ShawJohn DownsLower Seed Field2.2.14
Weston Coyney356Ralph ShawJohn DownsUpper Seed Field1.1.33
Weston Coyney357John FinneyLove ClarksonLong Field2.3.20
Weston Coyney358John FinneyIn HandNear Black Field2.1.31
Weston Coyney359John FinneyIn HandFar Black Field3.0.22
Weston Coyney360John CooperSamuel CooperCroft0.1.32
Weston Coyney361Hannah JonesSamuel LeesCottage and Garden0.0.23
Weston Coyney362John CooperSamuel CooperCroft0.1.32
Weston Coyney363Trustees of Methodist ChapelChapel0.0.7
Weston Coyney364John CooperSamuel CooperHouse and Buildings0.1.8
Weston Coyney365John FinneyIn HandMill Field0.2.23
Weston Coyney366John FinneyIn HandBrick Kiln and Croft0.2.8
Weston Coyney367John FinneyIn HandPublic House Outbuildings Mill0.2.13
Weston Coyney368John FinneyIn HandLarge Field3.1.5
Weston Coyney369John FinneyLove ClarksonSquare Croft1.2.0
Weston Coyney370John FinneyLove ClarksonMeadow4.0.12
Weston Coyney371John FinneyLove ClarksonHouse Buildings Gardens0.2.0
Weston Coyney372John ShentonStephen ShentonBack Field2.0.21
Weston Coyney373John ShentonStephen ShentonBig Bank1.2.38
Weston Coyney374John ShentonStephen ShentonFar Big Bank1.1.28
Weston Coyney375John ShentonStephen ShentonLittle Bank1.2.17
Weston Coyney376John ShentonStephen ShentonHouse Buildings Garden0.0.22
Weston Coyney377John ShentonStephen ShentonMeadow3.1.19
Weston Coyney379John ShentonStephen ShentonNooks2.1.34
Weston Coyney380Mrs ChornerCharles FinneyPart of Sandy Meadow1.3.2
Weston Coyney381Adam HarveyIn HandPart of Black Field0.0.27
Weston Coyney382Adam HarveyIn HandCroft1.0.39
Weston Coyney383Adam HarveyIn HandLong Meadow3.0.2
Weston Coyney384John DownesEnoch SherwinCroft and Road1.2.5
Weston Coyney385Daniel HassallSamuel BrayfordCroft1.0.39
Weston Coyney386Daniel HassallWilliam BallHouse and Garden0.1.4
Weston Coyney386aDaniel HassallJohn PrinceHouse and Garden
Weston Coyney386bDaniel HassallWilliam LeesHouse and Garden
Weston Coyney386cDaniel HassallWilliam WoodHouse and Garden
Weston Coyney387Daniel HassallSamuel BrayfordPublic House Garden0.1.8
Weston Coyney388John DownesEnoch SherwinHouse Garden0.0.20
Weston Coyney389John DownesEnoch SherwinCroft0.3.12
Weston Coyney390Thomas SherwinIn HandHouse and Garden0.0.7
Weston Coyney391Adam HarveyMatthew SherwinGarden0.0.16
Weston Coyney392Adam HarveyMatthew SherwinHigh Field4.0.11
Weston Coyney393Richard FordJohn FinneyIsle of Man0.20.18
Weston Coyney394Job MeighThomas SherwinStony Field2.3.26
Weston Coyney395Job MeighWilliam JamesTop Field1.3.24
Weston Coyney396Job MeighWilliam JamesMeadow2.3.26
Weston Coyney397W H CoyneyDaniel HassallRough Meadow5.0.38
Weston Coyney398W H CoyneyWilliam WilshawFar Pasture4.1.20
Weston Coyney399W H CoyneyWilliam WilshawMiddle Pasture5.0.31
Weston Coyney400W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.1.10
Weston Coyney401W H CoyneyWilliam WilshawNear Pasture6.0.37
Weston Coyney402W H CoyneyWilliam WilshawRoad0.2.8
Weston Coyney403John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyCommon Piece4.3.10
Weston Coyney404James KeyGeorge CollierBarker`s Field5.3.19
Weston Coyney405John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyUpper Meadow2.2.0
Weston Coyney406John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyLower Meadow3.0.14
Weston Coyney407John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyTop Far Field1.3.27
Weston Coyney408W H CoyneyDaniel HassallUpper Slate Field4.2.13
Weston Coyney409W H CoyneyDaniel HassallLower Slate Field3.3.34
Weston Coyney410John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyFar Field1.2.35
Weston Coyney411W H CoyneyDaniel HassallBarlow Croft2.1.25
Weston Coyney412W H CoyneyDaniel HassallCroft0.2.6
Weston Coyney413W H CoyneyDaniel HassallUpper and Lower Pasture6.3.21
Weston Coyney413aW H CoyneyDaniel HassallBig Coppice4.2.18
Weston Coyney414John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyLower Field2.2.24
Weston Coyney415John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyStony Lands5.2.34
Weston Coyney416John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyStony Butts2.1.3
Weston Coyney417James KeyGeorge CollierCow Pasture3.3.15
Weston Coyney418W H CoyneyDaniel HassallMeadow Below Barn2.1.29
Weston Coyney419James KeyGeorge CollierLock Field3.2.6
Weston Coyney420James KeyGeorge CollierRough Field3.3.24
Weston Coyney421James KeyGeorge CollierCow Pasture2.0.15
Weston Coyney422John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyDuck Meadow2.0.26
Weston Coyney423John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyBentleys2.2.9
Weston Coyney424John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyFar Pasture Field2.3.3
Weston Coyney425John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyRushy Field2.2.0
Weston Coyney426James KeyGeorge CollierHouse Outbuildings Garden0.2.21
Weston Coyney427James KeyGeorge CollierSlang0.1.35
Weston Coyney427aJames KeyJames BoultonCottage and Garden0.0.11
Weston Coyney428James KeyGeorge CollierMeadow3.1.27
Weston Coyney429John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyMeadow4.1.25
Weston Coyney430Thomas Brown and Thomas WrightThomas Brown and Thomas WrightMeadow2.0.0
Weston Coyney431James KeyGeorge CollierMeadow3.0.16
Weston Coyney432W H CoyneyDaniel HassallFar Coppice3.0.21
Weston Coyney433W H CoyneyDaniel HassallNear Coppice4.1.16
Weston Coyney434Thomas Brown and Thomas WrightThomas Brown and Thomas WrightUpper Salters Road3.0.31
Weston Coyney435Thomas Brown and Thomas WrightThomas Brown and Thomas WrightLower Salters Road3.2.11
Weston Coyney436John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyHorse Pasture7.1.38
Weston Coyney437W H CoyneyDaniel HassallFar Meadow2.1.32
Weston Coyney438Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneRough Green Field11.1.19
Weston Coyney439Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneBroad Lane Meadow6.1.38
Weston Coyney440Anthony ShawIn HandGravel Meadow3.1.5
Weston Coyney441W H CoyneyThomas WayneGravel Meadow2.2.9
Weston Coyney442W H CoyneyThomas WayneGreen Field4.2.33
Weston Coyney443Thomas Brown and Thomas WrightThomas Brown and Thomas WrightGreen Field3.3.12
Weston Coyney444Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneFar Green Field4.2.2
Weston Coyney445Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneBig Green Field5.3.2
Weston Coyney446W H CoyneyCornelius BloorBroad Lakes2.0.0
Weston Coyney447W H CoyneyCornelius BloorBroad Lakes4.3.13
Weston Coyney448W H CoyneyCornelius BloorBroad Lakes6.2.36
Weston Coyney449William MartinIn HandWell Meadow8.0.16
Weston Coyney450William MartinIn HandSlang0.1.17
Weston Coyney451William MartinJohn WalkerMill and Pond0.2.20
Weston Coyney452W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.0.22
Weston Coyney453W H CoyneyJoseph DownesBig Meadow4.0.31
Weston Coyney454W H CoyneyJoseph DownesHouse Buildings Garden0.1.36
Weston Coyney455W H CoyneyJoseph DownesSmall Brook Croft2.1.17
Weston Coyney456W H CoyneyJoseph DownesLittle Meadow2.3.29
Weston Coyney457W H CoyneyJoseph DownesPasture4.0.39
Weston Coyney458W H CoyneyJoseph DownesPasture5.3.0
Weston Coyney459W H CoyneyJoseph DownesLittle Pasture1.1.1
Weston Coyney460W H CoyneyJohn WaltersSmall Brook Pasture0.0.24
Weston Coyney461W H CoyneyJohn WaltersNear Brook Pasture2.3.37
Weston Coyney462W H CoyneyJohn WaltersNear Brook Pasture2.3.19
Weston Coyney463W H CoyneyJohn WaltersLittle Pasture1.2.24
Weston Coyney464Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneRollestones Pasture3.0.1
Weston Coyney465W H CoyneyJoseph DavisFar Field4.1.22
Weston Coyney466W H CoyneyGeorge HeathSlang0.3.16
Weston Coyney467W H CoyneyGeorge HeathMeadow1.2.8
Weston Coyney468W H CoyneyGeorge HeathPasture2.3.10
Weston Coyney469W H CoyneyGeorge HeathLower Cow Holme3.2.9
Weston Coyney470W H CoyneyGeorge HeathUpper Cow Holme6.3.10
Weston Coyney471John R BentleyThomas BentleyBentleys Pasture1.1.10
Weston Coyney472W H CoyneyJohn WaltersPeatmoss5.2.23
Weston Coyney473W H CoyneyJohn WaltersRough2.2.19
Weston Coyney474Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightLower Brick Field4.0.37
Weston Coyney475W H CoyneyJohn WaltersRough Ground7.1.35
Weston Coyney476Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightUpper Brick Field8.1.4
Weston Coyney477W H CoyneyJohn WaltersLower Flatt3.0.18
Weston Coyney478W H CoyneyIn HandNorth Plantation0.1.19
Weston Coyney479W H CoyneyJohn WaltersUpper Flatt3.0.18
Weston Coyney480W H CoyneyIn HandEast Plantation0.0.38
Weston Coyney481W H CoyneyJohn WaltersNear Pingle3.0.20
Weston Coyney482W H CoyneyJohn WaltersFar Pingle3.0.1
Weston Coyney483W H CoyneyJohn HandSmall Brook0.3.5
Weston Coyney484Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHenry BrassingtonFar Field3.2.37
Weston Coyney485Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHenry BrassingtonMiddle Field4.1.2
Weston Coyney486Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHenry BrassingtonMiddle Bog1.2.29
Weston Coyney487Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHenry BrassingtonNear Bog1.3.8
Weston Coyney488Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHenry BrassingtonMear Field4.2.32
Weston Coyney489W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.2.36
Weston Coyney490W H CoyneyJohn WaltersWerdle Rough3.3.14
Weston Coyney491W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.0.20
Weston Coyney492W H CoyneyJohn WaltersWerdle Meadow1.3.36
Weston Coyney493W H CoyneyCornelius BloorFar Meadow1.0.34
Weston Coyney494W H CoyneyJohn WaltersWerdle Meadow5.1.28
Weston Coyney495W H CoyneyCornelius BloorNear Meadow1.3.3
Weston Coyney496W H CoyneyJohn WaltersHouse and Garden0.0.16
Weston Coyney497W H CoyneyJohn WaltersChurch Croft2.3.32
Weston Coyney498W H CoyneyJohn WaltersSlackyard and Buildings0.0.26
Weston Coyney499W H CoyneyJohn WaltersHouse Garden Fold0.1.18
Weston Coyney500W H CoyneyJohn WaltersBlythe Field5.3.4
Weston Coyney501Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightUpper Meadow6.2.14
Weston Coyney502Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightCroft6.3.5
Weston Coyney503Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightFlats14.0.27
Weston Coyney504Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightThe Birch14.0.33
Weston Coyney505Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightPart of Long Meadow3.1.35
Weston Coyney506W H CoyneyJames SmithRough Hay10.0.5
Weston Coyney507W H CoyneyJames SmithLittle Weston11.1.0
Weston Coyney508W H CoyneyThomas ShentonCroft1.2.33
Weston Coyney509W H CoyneyThomas ShentonCroft1.1.10
Weston Coyney510W H CoyneyThomas ShentonHouse and Garden0.0.17
Weston Coyney511W H CoyneyThomas EddowsHouse and Garden0.0.29
Weston Coyney512W H CoyneySamuel AshHouse and Garden0.0.29
Weston Coyney513W H CoyneyJohn BottomHouse and Garden0.1.7
Weston Coyney514W H CoyneyJames SmithStepping Stone Field22.2.9
Weston Coyney515W H CoyneyJames SmithRushy Meadow8.0.8
Weston Coyney516W H CoyneyJames SmithLower Meadow11.3.32
Weston Coyney517W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.0.30
Weston Coyney518W H CoyneyJames SmithWhetstone Field26.2.18
Weston Coyney519W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.0.8
Weston Coyney520W H CoyneyJames SmithLittle Weston6.0.10
Weston Coyney521W H CoyneyJames SmithUpper Weston5.1.26
Weston Coyney522Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightFar Barn Field5.1.36
Weston Coyney523Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightNear Barn Field10.0.15
Weston Coyney524Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightHouse Outbuildings Garden1.0.36
Weston Coyney525Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightYard0.1.13
Weston Coyney526Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightPump Tree13.3.22
Weston Coyney527Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightOx Irons9.313
Weston Coyney528Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightFord Hill16.2.35
Weston Coyney529Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksClap Dole Park25.3.27
Weston Coyney530Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPlantation3.0.29
Weston Coyney532Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPlantation0.0.35
Weston Coyney533Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPlantation5.3.0
Weston Coyney534Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandLittle Clap Dale8.0.7
Weston Coyney535Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPark Hall Hill12.0.33
Weston Coyney536Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandJohns Hill5.1.26
Weston Coyney537Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPlantation0.1.23
Weston Coyney538Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksAdderley Hill12.3.8
Weston Coyney539Thomas Hawe Parker EsqRichard EdwardsHouse and Garden0.0.14
Weston Coyney540Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksRough Hill10.2.34
Weston Coyney541Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksLower Green Field7.2.8
Weston Coyney542Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksUpper Green Field7.3.0
Weston Coyney543Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightNear Green Hill7.2.10
Weston Coyney544Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightFar Green Hill6.3.17
Weston Coyney545Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas KnightHigh Field10.0.12
Weston Coyney546W H CoyneyJames DavisLower Skinners Grief12.0.20
Weston Coyney547W H CoyneyThomas ShentonRough Field1.1.6
Weston Coyney548W H CoyneyJames DavisHolly Bush Field3.1.16
Weston Coyney549W H CoyneyJames DavisWinter Field3.0.26
Weston Coyney550Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam KnightWinter Field2.0.22
Weston Coyney551Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam KnightMeadow2.2.32
Weston Coyney552Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam KnightPlough Field6.0.11
Weston Coyney553Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam KnightPlough Field7.1.34
Weston Coyney554John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyFar Lower Winter Field3.1.2
Weston Coyney555John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyNear Lower Winter Field4.2.35
Weston Coyney556John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyFar Upper Winter Field3.3.33
Weston Coyney557John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyNear Upper Winter Field4.1.33
Weston Coyney558John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyFar Winter Field1.2.35
Weston Coyney559Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightFar Skinning Grief2.3.34
Weston Coyney560Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneWinter Field Heath2.3.8
Weston Coyney561W H CoyneyJames DavisWinter Field Heath3.2.32
Weston Coyney562W H CoyneyJames DavisNew Close11.3.33
Weston Coyney563Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneDunn Field6.3.23
Weston Coyney564Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstonePit Field6.2.26
Weston Coyney565Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneStony Field5.2.34
Weston Coyney566Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneGravel Pit0.1.25
Weston Coyney567Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneLower Stony Field7.0.32
Weston Coyney568Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneHarbour Field6.0.7
Weston Coyney569W H CoyneyJames DavisCroft10.2.14
Weston Coyney570Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneUpper Odd Field3.0.10
Weston Coyney571Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneLower Odd Field2.0.33
Weston Coyney572W H CoyneyJames DavisGeorge Winter Field5.2.13
Weston Coyney573John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyGreen3.3.8
Weston Coyney574W H CoyneyGeorge HeathGreen Meadow5.1.26
Weston Coyney575W H CoyneyJames DavisHome Meadow7.3.15
Weston Coyney576W H CoyneyJames DavisHouse Outbuildings Garden Fold1.0.14
Weston Coyney577W H CoyneyHannah WarrilowHouse and Garden0.1.2
Weston Coyney578W H CoyneyJohn WalkerSmithy Croft and Shop1.1.22William Bull Sub-Tenant
Weston Coyney579John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyHouse Outbuildings Garden Fold and Waste0.2.31
Weston Coyney580W H CoyneyJohn WalkerHouse Outbuildings Garden0.1.0
Weston Coyney581W H CoyneyGeorge HeathBuildings Fold and Waste in Road0.1.30
Weston Coyney582Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneHouse Outbuildings FoldPart of Plot 583
Weston Coyney583Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneGarden0.2.17
Weston Coyney584W H CoyneyGeorge HeathHouse and Garden0.1.30
Weston Coyney585Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneHemp Butt0.1.10
Weston Coyney586Anthony ShawIn HandHemp Butt0.2.1
Weston Coyney587Anthony ShawIn HandCroft0.0.30
Weston Coyney588Anthony ShawIn HandHouse Outbuildings Garden Fold and Road0.2.22
Weston Coyney589W H CoyneyJohn WalkerCroft0.1.7
Weston Coyney590W H CoyneyJohn WalkerGarden0.0.9
Weston Coyney591Rev Alexander GoodIn HandCroft1.0.23
Weston Coyney592Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneLittle Green1.0.20
Weston Coyney593W H CoyneyJames DavisDavis Coppice2.1.28
Weston Coyney594W H CoyneyJames DavisCoppice1.3.5
Weston Coyney595Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneCroft0.2.6
Weston Coyney596Thomas Brown and Thomas WrightThomas Brown and Thomas WrightPart of Greenroad Meadow1.0.7
Weston Coyney597Thomas Brown and Thomas WrightThomas Brown and Thomas WrightPart of Big Meadow0.2.0
Weston Coyney598W H CoyneyJames DavisBradshaws Field3.1.38
Weston Coyney599Anthony ShawIn HandCroft5.1.11
Weston Coyney600W H CoyneyJohn WalkerSeven Lands1.0.8
Weston Coyney601W H CoyneyJames DavisBradshaws3.2.4
Weston Coyney602W H CoyneyJames DavisBradshaws4.3.0
Weston Coyney603W H CoyneyJames DavisBradshaws3.1.12
Weston Coyney604W H CoyneyJames DavisBradshaws5.1.24
Weston Coyney605W H CoyneyJames DavisBradshaws4.1.16
Weston Coyney606W H CoyneyGeorge HeathSculands6.0.0
Weston Coyney607W H CoyneyGeorge HeathLarge Pasture Field9.1.18
Weston Coyney608Robert AlsopJames NicklinLower Pasture5.1.13
Weston Coyney609Robert AlsopJames NicklinMeadow0.2.1
Weston Coyney610Robert AlsopJames NicklinPart of Meadow0.2.9
Weston Coyney611Robert AlsopJames NicklinOutbuildings Garden and Fold0.1.2
Weston Coyney612Robert AlsopJames NicklinSmall Pasture0.3.30
Weston Coyney613Robert AlsopJames NicklinSlang0.1.13
Weston Coyney614Robert AlsopJames NicklinFar Holly3.3.20
Weston Coyney615W H CoyneyThomas WayneBig Holly Bush5.3.18
Weston Coyney616W H CoyneyThomas WayneMiddle Holly Bush4.1.2
Weston Coyney617Anthony ShawIn HandHolly Field3.2.6
Weston Coyney618W H CoyneyThomas WayneFar Holly Bush3.0.25
Weston Coyney619W H CoyneyThomas WayneCoppice Peter Field2.0.20
Weston Coyney620John BennettThomas WayneSlang5.3.3
Weston Coyney621W H CoyneyGeorge HeathLarge Old Field9.3.38
Weston Coyney622W H CoyneyGeorge HeathOld Ben Flat5.2.7
Weston Coyney623W H CoyneyGeorge HeathOld Field Meadow2.2.24
Weston Coyney624Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneOld Field7.0.24
Weston Coyney625Anthony ShawIn HandFar Meadow2.2.14
Weston Coyney626Anthony ShawIn HandMeadow2.3.4
Weston Coyney627Anthony ShawIn HandRoad0.1.15
Weston Coyney628Anthony ShawIn HandLong Meadow3.2.16
Weston Coyney629Anthony ShawIn HandCoppice2.3.4
Weston Coyney630Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneLittle Old Pasture1.1.7
Weston Coyney631John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyOld Field1.2.30
Weston Coyney632Mr BishopJames RayBailey Drumble3.1.9
Weston Coyney633John BennettJames WayneHouse Buildings Garden and Fold0.3.1
Weston Coyney634John BennettJames WayneTongue2.2.39
Weston Coyney635John BennettJames WayneFar Broom Field3.3.2
Weston Coyney636John BennettJames WayneLong Pasture Field2.0.10
Weston Coyney637John BennettJames WayneFar Field4.2.16
Weston Coyney638John BennettJames WayneLong Field2.0.0
Weston Coyney639John BennettJames WayneNear Broom Field1.3.23
Weston Coyney640John BennettJames WayneMeadow6.0.2
Weston Coyney641John GindersJohn BennettSlang6.0.2
Weston Coyney642John GindersIn HandPlantations0.2.18
Weston Coyney643John GindersIn HandPlantations0.0.13
Weston Coyney644Mr BishopJames RayLane Field0.3.35
Weston Coyney645James BeechWilliam BaileyPasture3.0.9
Weston Coyney646James BeechWilliam BaileyMeadow3.3.5
Weston Coyney647James BeechIn HandRough1.3.0
Weston Coyney648James BeechWilliam BaileyHigh Field4.2.37
Weston Coyney649James BeechWilliam BaileyFar High Field4.1.6
Weston Coyney650James BeechWilliam BaileyLong Meadow2.3.11
Weston Coyney651James BeechIn HandWood0.2.7
Weston Coyney652James BeechWilliam BaileyWood Field2.3.24
Weston Coyney653James BeechWilliam Bailey[Blank Space]1.2.36
Weston Coyney654James BeechWilliam BaileyNight Croft2.1.21
Weston Coyney655James BeechWilliam BaileySquare Meadow1.2.32
Weston Coyney656James BeechWilliam BaileyRough Flat5.0.6
Weston Coyney657James BeechWilliam BaileyLower Wood Field4.3.1
Weston Coyney658James BeechWilliam BaileyRough Flat4.2.31
Weston Coyney659James BeechRay and CompanyColliery0.3.30
Weston Coyney660James BeechWilliam BaileyUpper Wood Field3.3.31
Weston Coyney661W H CoyneyIn HandWillits [Willots] Wood10.1.3
Weston Coyney662W H CoyneyGeorge HeathSlates Field8.2.30
Weston Coyney663W H CoyneyIn HandBank Wood1.0.8
Weston Coyney664W H CoyneyGeorge HeathLey Flat3.2.30
Weston Coyney665W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation1.2.20
Weston Coyney666W H CoyneyGeorge HeathLittle Gin Field0.1.28
Weston Coyney667W H CoyneyGeorge HeathGreen Gin Field5.1.1
Weston Coyney668Anthony ShawIn HandUpper Slate Field5.3.17
Weston Coyney669Anthony ShawIn HandLower Slate Field8.0.18
Weston Coyney670Anthony ShawIn HandLittle Slate Field0.1.7
Weston Coyney671Anthony ShawIn HandBank Field6.1.38
Weston Coyney672Hannah EmpsonJoseph RollstoneCoppice1.2.34
Weston Coyney673W H CoyneyGeorge HeathCoppice1.2.9
Weston Coyney674John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyCoppice2.1.20
Weston Coyney675Anthony ShawIn HandFlat4.3.18
Weston Coyney676W H CoyneyGeorge HeathStony Field6.1.28
Weston Coyney677W H CoyneyGeorge HeathNear Stony Field8.0.37
Weston Coyney677aW H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.1.12
Weston Coyney678John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyStony Field4.0.5
Weston Coyney679John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyStony Field6.0.36
Weston Coyney680John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyStony Field3.1.20
Weston Coyney681John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyStony Field5.2.21
Weston Coyney682Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksUpper Cliff5.2.38
Weston Coyney683Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandUpper Cliff4.3.18
Weston Coyney684Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksLower Cliff4.1.38
Weston Coyney685Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandLower Cliff4.3.22
Weston Coyney686Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandLittle Black Green1.1.26
Weston Coyney686aThomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandBlack Green4.3.24
Weston Coyney687Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandStockyard0.0.15
Weston Coyney688Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandBig Black Green6.0.18
Weston Coyney689John and Richard BentleyIn HandWood1.2.20
Weston Coyney690John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyAdderley Green4.2.22
Weston Coyney691John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyEngine Adderley Green0.0.12
Weston Coyney691aJohn and Richard BentleyJohn Bentley[Blank Space]1.0.11
Weston Coyney692Stirrup and PyeStirrup and PyeAdderley Green2.1.1
Weston Coyney693Stirrup and PyeStirrup and PyeEngine and Bank0.1.6
Weston Coyney694John and Richard BentleyJohn BentleyHolme Bank1.2.2
Weston Coyney695John and Richard BentleySherwin and CompanyHolme Bank Colliery0.2.22
Weston Coyney696Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksLady Corner2.1.26
Weston Coyney697Thomas Hawe Parker EsqStirrup and Pye[Blank Space]3.0.23
Weston Coyney698Thomas Hawe Parker EsqStirrup and Pye (on Lease)House0.0.1Joseph Slinn : Sub tenant
Weston Coyney699Thomas Hawe Parker EsqStirrup and Pye (on Lease)House0.0.1John Edwards : Sub tenant
Weston Coyney700Thomas Hawe Parker EsqStirrup and Pye (on Lease)House0.0.1Thomas Edwards: Sub tenant
Weston Coyney701Thomas Hawe Parker EsqStirrup and Pye (on Lease)Buildings0.0.3
Weston Coyney702Thomas Hawe Parker EsqStirrup and Pye (on Lease)House and Garden0.0.10William Hughes: Sub tenant
Weston Coyney703Thomas Hawe Parker EsqStirrup and Pye (on Lease)Garden0.0.6Joseph Slinn : Sub tenant
Weston Coyney704Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksMeadow5.0.20
Weston Coyney705Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksGreen Field6.0.20
Weston Coyney706C W LloydCharles ForresterLane Field6.1.7
Weston Coyney707Thomas Hawe Parker EsqStirrup and PyeCoalpit Engine Bank1.1.20
Weston Coyney708Thomas Hawe Parker EsqStirrup and PyeCroft0.2.18
Weston Coyney709Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksFolly Field3.3.16
Weston Coyney710Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksTongue Pasture4.2.39
Weston Coyney711Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksRough Tongue Pasture5.2.2
Weston Coyney712W H CoyneyGeorge HeathGains Moor3.2.14
Weston Coyney713Anthony ShawIn HandGains Moor2.2.28
Weston Coyney714John BennettThomas Wayne[Blank Space]0.1.38
Weston Coyney715John BennettThomas WayneMeadow1.1.7
Weston Coyney716Stirrup and PyeJoseph SimcockPublic House0.0.7
Weston Coyney717Stirrup and PyeSamuel TownendHouse0.0.3
Weston Coyney718Stirrup and PyeWilliam BradburyHouse0.0.12
Weston Coyney718aStirrup and PyeThomas HulmeHouse0.0.12
Weston Coyney718bStirrup and PyeSophia HulmeHouse0.0.12
Weston Coyney718cStirrup and PyeLuke BarnesHouse0.0.12
Weston Coyney718dStirrup and PyeJohn ElkinHouse0.0.12
Weston Coyney718eStirrup and PyeWilliam LewisHouse0.0.12
Weston Coyney718fStirrup and PyeSamuel SteelHouse0.0.12
Weston Coyney718gStirrup and PyeThomas RogersHouse0.0.12
Weston Coyney719George DanielsIn HandGarden0.0.13
Weston Coyney720George DanielsIn HandPublic House
Weston Coyney720George DanielsSimon JohnsonHouse0.0.16
Weston Coyney721George DanielsJohnathon HurstHousePart of plot 721
Weston Coyney722John RidgeIn HandHouse and Garden0.0.4
Weston Coyney722aJohn EvansIn HandHouse and Garden0.0.9
Weston Coyney723C W LloydCharles ForresterLittle John`s Field Wood1.0.10
Weston Coyney724C W LloydCharles ForresterBig John`s Wood2.3.9
Weston Coyney725C W LloydCharles ForresterWheat Field3.3.10
Weston Coyney726C W LloydStirrup and PyeCoalpit Bank Engine1.0.12
Weston Coyney727C W LloydCharles ForresterCoppice Field4.0.2
Weston Coyney728C W LloydCharles ForresterGarden0.0.21
Weston Coyney729C W LloydCharles ForresterMeadow Wood4.1.23
Weston Coyney730C W LloydCharles ForresterSlang1.2.0
Weston Coyney731C W LloydCharles ForresterBottom Wood2.2.16
Weston Coyney732C W LloydCharles ForresterHargreaves Meadow1.2.22
Weston Coyney733R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillLittle Horse Pasture1.2.22
Weston Coyney734R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillBig Horse Pasture4.0.6
Weston Coyney735R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillRound Meadow3.3.38
Weston Coyney736R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillRushy Field3.3.36
Weston Coyney737R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillToad Hole Meadow5.0.12
Weston Coyney738R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillToad Hole Croft0.2.17
Weston Coyney739R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillHill Field7.0.34
Weston Coyney740R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillHouse Outbuildings Fold Garden0.3.29
Weston Coyney741R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillStackyard0.1.13
Weston Coyney741aR HeathcoteWilliam CotterillRoad0.0.39
Weston Coyney741bR HeathcoteWilliam CotterillYard and Garden0.0.23
Weston Coyney742R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillLong Butts2.3.1
Weston Coyney743R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillBig Brickkiln1.2.38
Weston Coyney744R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillLittle Brickkiln0.3.24
Weston Coyney745R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillLittle Brickkiln2.1.18
Weston Coyney746R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillNear High Flat6.1.35
Weston Coyney747R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillUpper White Butts4.0.25
Weston Coyney748R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillLower White Butts4.0.25
Weston Coyney749R HeathcoteThomas WynnetleyEngine Coal Bank Road2.0.3
Weston Coyney750R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillLittle Meadow1.2.15
Weston Coyney751R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillFar High Flat6.1.6
Weston Coyney752C W LloydCharles ForresterFar Holly Field3.0.4
Weston Coyney753R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillBur Meadow5.2.19
Weston Coyney754R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillLower Woolly6.3.17
Weston Coyney755C W LloydStirrup and PyeEngine Coal Bank0.2.19
Weston Coyney756C W LloydCharles ForresterBig Meadow8.2.29
Weston Coyney757C W LloydJohn BarkerHouseTwo houses on the same plot
Weston Coyney757aC W LloydJohn DeanHouse0.0.8
Weston Coyney758C W LloydJohn BloorHouse and Garden0.0.7
Weston Coyney758aC W LloydStirrup and PyeOld Engine Bank0.0.20
Weston Coyney759C W LloydJohn DeanGarden0.0.21
Weston Coyney760C W LloydThomas ThorleyGarden0.0.23
Weston Coyney761C W LloydCharles ForresterBig Hooks7.1.25
Weston Coyney762R HeathcoteWilliam CotterillUpper Wooly6.3.1
Weston Coyney763C W LloydCharles ForresterBuck Yard0.2.20
Weston Coyney763aC W LloydMary EmbertonHouse0.0.8
Weston Coyney763bC W LloydThomas ThorleyHouse0.0.6
Weston Coyney764C W LloydMary EmbertonGarden0.0.24
Weston Coyney764aC W LloydStirrup and PyeMachine House0.0.9
Weston Coyney765C W LloydCharles ForresterUpper Hooks2.3.6
Weston Coyney766R HeathcoteJohn ForresterBrick Kiln Meadow6.1.12
Weston Coyney767C W LloydCharles ForresterNear Holly4.2.30
Weston Coyney768C W LloydCharles ForresterBig Holly8.0.23
Weston Coyney769R HeathcoteJohn ForresterSeed Field3.1.3
Weston Coyney770R HeathcoteIn HandOld Coal Pit Bank0.0.23
Weston Coyney771R HeathcoteJohn ForresterLittle Meadow2.1.2
Weston Coyney772R HeathcoteJohn ForresterHouse Outbuildings Fold Garden0.3.2
Weston Coyney773R HeathcoteJohn ForresterCroft0.1.26
Weston Coyney774R HeathcoteJohn ForresterCroft0.1.4
Weston Coyney775C W LloydCharles ForresterLittle Hook3.0.34
Weston Coyney776Stirrup and PyeIn HandHouse Meadow2.3.12
Weston Coyney777Stirrup and Pye[Blank Space] PyeHouse Garden Outbuildings Fold0.2.32Samuel Rhodes Sub tenant
Weston Coyney778C W LloydCharles ForresterMeadow2.0.15
Weston Coyney779C W LloydCharles ForresterCroft and Barn0.2.38
Weston Coyney780C W LloydCharles ForresterHouse Outbuildings Fold0.2.22
Weston Coyney781C W LloydCharles ForresterHemp Butt0.0.36
Weston Coyney782C W LloydCharles ForresterCroft0.0.29
Weston Coyney783C W LloydCharles ForresterGarden0.0.29
Weston Coyney784Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksBig Meadow8.2.38
Weston Coyney785Thomas Hawe Parker EsqStirrup and PyeEngine Coal Bank1.0.16
Weston Coyney786Stirrup and PyeIn HandNear Meadow5.0.37
Weston Coyney787Stirrup and PyeIn HandFar Meadow5.3.23
Weston Coyney788Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksWell Croft4.2.27
Weston Coyney789Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksCroft0.3.31
Weston Coyney790Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksOutbuildings Fold0.1.18
Weston Coyney791Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksHouse and GardenRichard Wood Sub tenant
Weston Coyney791Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksHouse and GardenWilliam Harrison Sub tenant
Weston Coyney792Thomas Hawe Parker EsqStirrup and PyeEngine Bank0.0.36
Weston Coyney793Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksCalf Croft2.2.26
Weston Coyney794Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksWidow`s Field10.1.17
Weston Coyney795Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksLittle Hedge3.3.0
Weston Coyney796Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksMiddle Hedge8.3.36
Weston Coyney797Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksBig Hedge15.3.18
Weston Coyney798R E HeathcoteRichard WalklateCroft3.3.26
Weston Coyney799Richard WalklateIn HandHouse Outbuildings Garden Pleasure Ground2.0.2
Weston Coyney800Richard WalklateThomas Woolley : Richard RobertsHouse and Garden
Weston Coyney800Richard WalklateThomas Woolley Richard RobertsHouse and Garden0.0.8
Weston Coyney801Richard WalklateIn HandPaddock0.0.23
Weston Coyney802Richard WalklateIn HandPaddock0.0.37
Weston Coyney803Richard WalklateIn HandPlantation0.0.17
Weston Coyney804Richard WalklateIn HandHouse Field4.1.8
Weston Coyney805Richard WalklateIn HandPart of House Field2.0.16
Weston Coyney806R E HeathcoteWilliam EllertonLittle Wood Field3.0.6
Weston Coyney807R E HeathcoteWilliam EllertonBig Wood Field7.1.7
Weston Coyney808Richard WalklateIn HandLower Hays4.2.18
Weston Coyney809Richard WalklateWilliam EllertonMeadow0.3.25
Weston Coyney810Richard WalklateThomas Wynne and CoMoss Field Colliery0.2.17
Weston Coyney811Duke of SutherlandIn HandWood9.0.17
Weston Coyney812Duke of SutherlandW H SparrowLittle Mear Hay7.2.3
Weston Coyney813R E HeathcoteWilliam EllertonMeadow4.0.33
Weston Coyney814Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksSheep Field8.1.8
Weston Coyney815Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksCoal Pit Field8.3.8
Weston Coyney816Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksHolly Edge Field4.2.36
Weston Coyney817Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksBottoms4.3.6
Weston Coyney818Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandWood1.3.22
Weston Coyney819Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksStockyard1.0.15
Weston Coyney820Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksHouse Outbulidings Garden Fold1.0.32
Weston Coyney821Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksGoose Green1.0.0
Weston Coyney822Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksBarn Meadow7.1.30
Weston Coyney823Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandWood2.3.10
Weston Coyney824Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandBull Croft1.1.25
Weston Coyney825Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandHouse Outbuildings Courts Gardens Pleasure Grounds4.0.6Park Hall [?]
Weston Coyney826Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandSpring Head4.3.10
Weston Coyney827Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPool and Road3.2.28
Weston Coyney828Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPlantation0.2.12
Weston Coyney829Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandHall Meadow16.2.12
Weston Coyney830Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandWood9.1.5
Weston Coyney831Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrooksPark including Rough20.2.15
Weston Coyney832W H CoyneyWilliam BloorPit Field6.1.5
Weston Coyney833W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.0.11
Weston Coyney834W H CoyneyJoseph WestonCroft0.1.6
Weston Coyney835W H CoyneyJoseph WestonHouse and Garden0.1.6
Weston Coyney836W H CoyneyJoseph SlinnHouse Garden Smiths Shop0.0.33
Weston Coyney837Trustees of Sandon Road [Turnpike][Blank Space]Toll Gate House and Garden0.0.9
Weston Coyney838W H CoyneyWilliam BloorDavid`s Hay6.3.9
Weston Coyney839W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation2.1.3
Weston Coyney840W H CoyneyWilliam BloorHouse Outbuildings Garden0.1.18
Weston Coyney841W H CoyneyWilliam BloorCroft0.3.5
Weston Coyney842W H CoyneyJohn BloorHouse Field8.3.20
Weston Coyney843W H CoyneyJohn BloorHouse Buildings Garden0.1.19
Weston Coyney844W H CoyneyJohn BloorWood Field9.0.0
Weston Coyney844aW H CoyneyJoseph WaltersCote Meadow4.1.16
Weston Coyney845W H CoyneyJohn BloorWood Meadow5.3.25
Weston Coyney846W H CoyneyJohn BloorLong Meadow11.0.30
Weston Coyney847Thomas StirrupJames MeakinMeadow1.3.38William Walkin Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney848Thomas StirrupJames Meakin[Blank Space]6.0.15William Walkin Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney849W H CoyneyJoseph WaltersLower Cote Meadow4.1.3
Weston Coyney850W H CoyneyJohn BakerBrickyard Colliery2.0.30
Weston Coyney851Thomas StirrupJames MeakinPlantation0.0.24
Weston Coyney852Thomas StirrupJames MeakinPlantation0.2.5
Weston Coyney853Thomas StirrupJames Meakin[Blank Space]7.3.0Martin Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney854Thomas StirrupJames MeakinPlantation0.0.13
Weston Coyney855Thomas StirrupJames MeakinCottage and Garden0.0.24John Holland Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney856Thomas StirrupJames MeakinCottage and Garden0.0.21James Budgett Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney857Thomas StirrupJames MeakinGarden0.0.23John Mearson Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney858Thomas StirrupJames MeakinGarden0.0.20William Bott Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney859Thomas StirrupJames MeakinGarden0.0.21George Rushton Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney860Thomas StirrupJames MeakinGarden0.0.20James Cooper Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney860Thomas StirrupJames MeakinGardenRichard Edge Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney861Thomas StirrupJames MeakinGarden0.0.17William Myatt Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney861Thomas StirrupJames MeakinGardenJohn Myatt Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney862Thomas StirrupJames MeakinGarden0.0.18
Weston Coyney863Thomas StirrupGeorge RushtonHouse and Mill0.0.20
Weston Coyney864Thomas StirrupJames MeakinHouse Outbuildings Pleasure Garden Fold Grounds
Weston Coyney864aThomas StirrupJames MeakinHouse and GardenMr Huson Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney864bThomas StirrupJames MeakinHouse and GardenJohn Mearson Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney864cThomas StirrupJames MeakinHouse and GardenHannah Shenton Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney864dThomas StirrupJames MeakinHouse and GardenJames Cooper Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney864eThomas StirrupJames MeakinHouse and Garden0.3.9John Myatt Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney864fThomas StirrupJames MeakinHouse and GardenWilliam Heath Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney864gThomas StirrupJames MeakinHouse and GardenWilliam Bott Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney864hThomas StirrupJames MeakinHouse and GardenRichard Edge Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney864iThomas StirrupJames MeakinHouse and GardenCharles Myatt Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney865Thomas StirrupJames MeakinPool0.2.21William Walkin Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney866Thomas StirrupJames MeakinMeadow3.3.23Allerton Co Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney867Thomas StirrupJames Meakin[Blank Space]3.1.14Allerton Co Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney868Thomas StirrupJames Meakin[Blank Space]4.2.10
Weston Coyney869Thomas StirrupIn HandWood5.0.8
Weston Coyney870Duke of SutherlandIn HandWood3.2.29
Weston Coyney871Duke of SutherlandW H Sparrow[Blank Space]4.0.29
Weston Coyney872Duke of SutherlandIn HandWood8.3.16
Weston Coyney873Duke of SutherlandJoseph TurnerHouse and Garden0.0.34
Weston Coyney874Duke of SutherlandJoseph LynchMeadow1.2.4
Weston Coyney875Duke of SutherlandW H SparrowBrick Field6.1.33
Weston Coyney876Duke of SutherlandW H SparrowTip Cat Field3.2.12
Weston Coyney877Duke of SutherlandW H SparrowBig Mear Hay34.0.0
Weston Coyney878R E HeathcoteMary FisherGardens2.3.9
Weston Coyney879R E HeathcoteMary FisherRoad0.0.25
Weston Coyney880R E HeathcoteMary FisherGardens2.1.8
Weston Coyney881R E HeathcoteMrs James Glover[Blank Space]1.1.12Appears to be Mrs and not Mesr`s
Weston Coyney882R E HeathcoteGeorge YoungGarden0.0.13William Emery Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney883R E HeathcoteGeorge YoungGarden0.0.12Philip Bianchi Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney884R E HeathcoteGeorge YoungGarden0.0.13John Cope Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney885R E HeathcoteGeorge Young[Blank Space]1.0.30
Weston Coyney886R E HeathcoteRaye and Wynne[Blank Space]0.1.37
Weston Coyney887R E HeathcoteRaye and WynneMeadow4.3.2
Weston Coyney888R E HeathcoteRaye and Wynne[Blank Space]4.3.34
Weston Coyney889R E HeathcoteJames Bradbury[Blank Space]1.0.28
Weston Coyney890Duke of SutherlandW H SparrowMear Hay Meadow1.2.33
Weston Coyney891Duke of SutherlandW H SparrowHouse and Garden0.0.16
Weston Coyney892Duke of SutherlandSamuel BallHouse and Garden0.0.15
Weston Coyney893Duke of SutherlandW H SparrowRoad0.1.9
Weston Coyney894Duke of SutherlandW H SparrowSlip House Meadow8.3.26
Weston Coyney895Duke of SutherlandW H SparrowRoad0.1.9
Weston Coyney896Duke of SutherlandBenjamin Jacques[Blank Space]3.0.10
Weston Coyney897Duke of SutherlandJoseph BallHouse and Garden0.0.22
Weston Coyney898Duke of SutherlandSamuel LeesePart of Garden0.0.8
Weston Coyney899Duke of SutherlandIn HandEngine Coal Bank2.2.18
Weston Coyney900Duke of SutherlandBenjamin Jacques[Blank Space]2.3.32
Weston Coyney901Duke of SutherlandIn HandCoal Pit Bank0.1.8
Weston Coyney902Duke of SutherlandJoseph Lovatt[Blank Space]2.2.16
Weston Coyney903Duke of SutherlandJoseph Lovatt[Blank Space]3.3.25
Weston Coyney904Duke of SutherlandJoseph Lovatt[Blank Space]2.2.34
Weston Coyney905Duke of SutherlandSolomon Bettany[Blank Space]0.2.35
Weston Coyney906Duke of SutherlandSolomon Bettany[Blank Space]2.3.14
Weston Coyney907Duke of SutherlandSolomon Bettany[Blank Space]5.3.38
Weston Coyney908Duke of SutherlandJoseph Lovatt[Blank Space]3.1.15
Weston Coyney909W H CoyneyJohn Baker[Blank Space]3.2.28
Weston Coyney910W H CoyneyEnoch WrightCottage and Garden0.0.28
Weston Coyney911W H CoyneyJoseph WaltersLong Dole11.2.0
Weston Coyney912W H CoyneyJoseph WaltersLong Dole Croft2.2.20
Weston Coyney913W H CoyneyJoseph WaltersLittle Long Dole3.1.4
Weston Coyney914W H CoyneyJoseph WaltersHouse Outbuildings Garden0.1.27Thomas Till Sub Tenant
Weston Coyney915W H CoyneyJoseph WaltersLong Dole Meadow2.0.24
Weston Coyney916Duke of SutherlandJohn Shaw[Blank Space]4.3.5
Weston Coyney917Duke of SutherlandJohn Shaw[Blank Space]5.0.12
Weston Coyney918W H CoyneyIn HandWood33.0.20
Weston Coyney919W H CoyneyJohn WaltersLittle Cote Meadow1.0.9
Weston Coyney920W H CoyneyJohn BloorSprink6.0.30
Weston Coyney921W H CoyneyWilliam BloorSix [space] Field4.3.5
Weston Coyney922W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.3.4
Weston Coyney923W H CoyneyTheophilius BeardmoreHouse Outbuildings Garden0.1.29
Weston Coyney924W H CoyneyTheophilius BeardmorePark Head7.1.13
Weston Coyney925W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation3.0.12
Weston Coyney926W H CoyneyTheophilius BeardmoreBrick Kiln Field11.2.3
Weston Coyney927W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.2.33
Weston Coyney928W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation1.3.17
Weston Coyney929W H CoyneyTheophilius BeardmoreBrick Kiln Field8.0.5
Weston Coyney930Hannah FentonJames SuttonFar Pasture Field2.3.23
Weston Coyney931Hannah FentonJames SuttonFar Clover Field3.0.25
Weston Coyney932Hannah FentonJames SuttonClover Field4.1.15
Weston Coyney933Hannah FentonJames SuttonWheat Field3.2.8
Weston Coyney934Hannah FentonJames SuttonBreeches Meadow5.0.38
Weston Coyney935Hannah FentonJames SuttonFar Pasture Field2.3.23
Weston Coyney936Hannah FentonJames SuttonNear Pasture Field5.0.0
Weston Coyney937Hannah FentonJames SuttonHouse Meadow3.2.18
Weston Coyney938Hannah FentonJames SuttonHouse Outbuildings Garden0.2.29
Weston Coyney939Duke of SutherlandJames GloverPark5.0.5
Weston Coyney940Duke of SutherlandJames GloverNear Park3.2.20
Weston Coyney941Duke of SutherlandJames GloverThistly Field4.3.10
Weston Coyney942Duke of SutherlandJames GloverReservoir Meadow9.0.20
Weston Coyney943Duke of SutherlandIn HandReservoir0.0.27
Weston Coyney944Duke of SutherlandThomas BromleyGarden0.1.21
Weston Coyney945Duke of SutherlandThomas SwetmoreGarden0.1.24
Weston Coyney946Duke of SutherlandMrs WarburtonReservoir Meadow10.0.30
Weston Coyney947Duke of SutherlandJames GloverCabbage Field2.1.16
Weston Coyney948Duke of SutherlandJames Glover[Blank Space]9.2.32
Weston Coyney949Duke of SutherlandJames GloverOutbuildings Fold1.1.5
Weston Coyney950Duke of SutherlandJames GloverHouse and Garden0.1.4
Weston Coyney951George BacchusJohn BloorGarden0.2.20
Weston Coyney951aCharles HarveyZachariah PritchardHouse0.0.2
Weston Coyney952George BacchusJohn BloorGarden Croft2.1.15
Weston Coyney953Duke of SutherlandJames GloverCroft0.2.0
Weston Coyney954George BacchusJohn BloorLittle Hill3.3.18
Weston Coyney955George BacchusJohn BloorMiddle Hill4.2.10
Weston Coyney956Duke of SutherlandJames Glover[Blank Space]8.3.0
Weston Coyney957Duke of SutherlandJames Glover[Blank Space]4.0.5
Weston Coyney958Duke of SutherlandJames Glover[Blank Space]3.3.8
Weston Coyney959Duke of SutherlandJames Glover[Blank Space]5.0.30
Weston Coyney960George BacchusJohn BloorNew Hay7.1.19
Weston Coyney961George BacchusSamuel EddowsHouse and Garden0.3.0
Weston Coyney962George BacchusSamuel EddowsCroft1.0.24
Weston Coyney963W H CoyneyTheophilius BeardmoreFar New Hay4.2.9
Weston Coyney964W H CoyneyTheophilius BeardmoreNear New Hay5.0.35
Weston Coyney965W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.1.24
Weston Coyney966W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.3.7
Weston Coyney967W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation2.2.15
Weston Coyney968W H CoyneyCharles CoyneyPark16.0.0
Weston Coyney969W H CoyneyCharles CoyneyFar Park7.7.17
Weston Coyney970W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation1.2.16
Weston Coyney971W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.3.24
Weston Coyney972W H CoyneyCharles CoyneyHouse Outbuildings Pleasure Garden Fold Grounds2.2.0[Weston Coyney Hall]
Weston Coyney973W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.3.18
Weston Coyney974W H CoyneyCharles CoyneyCroft1.0.17
Weston Coyney975W H CoyneyCharles CoyneyGarden0.0.34[No Plot 976]
Weston Coyney977W H CoyneyCharles CoyneyGardens and Shrubbery1.3.12
Weston Coyney978W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation2.0.22
Weston Coyney979W H CoyneyJohn Beardmore[Blank Space]4.2.6
Weston Coyney980W H CoyneyJohn BeardmoreMoat Field1.2.25
Weston Coyney981W H CoyneyJohn BeardmoreHall Yard1.3.27
Weston Coyney982W H CoyneyJohn BeardmoreMeadow including Rough5.2.5
Weston Coyney983W H CoyneyJohn BeardmoreHouse Buildings Garden0.1.17
Weston Coyney984W H CoyneyJames SmithHouse Outbuildings Garden Fold0.2.26
Weston Coyney985W H CoyneyJames SmithKitchen Croft3.2.5
Weston Coyney986W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonHouse Outbuildings Garden Fold1.0.0
Weston Coyney987W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonMeadow below Garden4.2.34
Weston Coyney988W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonLittle Meadow2.3.23
Weston Coyney989W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.2.15
Weston Coyney990W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonBlythe Field4.1.20
Weston Coyney991W H CoyneyWilliam Marston[Blank Space]12.0.36
Weston Coyney992W H CoyneyWilliam Marston[Blank Space]0.3.18
Weston Coyney993W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonPit Meadow8.2.25
Weston Coyney994W H CoyneyIn HandPool and Plantation0.1.25
Weston Coyney995W H CoyneyIn HandPool and Plantation0.2.7
Weston Coyney996W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonBalance Croft24.0.20
Weston Coyney997W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.1.33
Weston Coyney998W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonPlough Field8.3.8
Weston Coyney999W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.0.31
Weston Coyney1000W H CoyneyCharles CoyneyLower Hill8.3.15
Weston Coyney1001W H CoyneyCharles CoyneyUpper Hill6.1.28
Weston Coyney1002W H CoyneyTheophilius BeardmoreBroom Meadow including Rough12.2.0
Weston Coyney1003W H CoyneyTheophilius BeardmoreNear Brooms5.0.30
Weston Coyney1004W H CoyneyTheophilius BeardmoreFar Brooms10.0.36
Weston Coyney1005George BacchusJohn BloorLime Kiln Field6.2.16
Weston Coyney1006George BacchusJohn BloorThistley Meadow5.1.6
Weston Coyney1007George BacchusJohn BloorThistley Field8.0.20
Weston Coyney1008George BacchusJohn BloorPublic House Outbuildings Yard1.0.0
Weston Coyney1009George BacchusJohn BloorStable Meadow5.1.20
Weston Coyney50a[Blank Space][Blank Space]Roads61.0.2
Caverswall1Trustees of Late T SwinnertonWilliam HeathPart of Far Brook Field3.1.20
Caverswall2Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPlantation11.1.27
Caverswall3Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightCaverswall Common28.1.16
Caverswall4Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightPotatoe Field2.0.11
Caverswall5Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightCalf Croft3.2.9
Caverswall6Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightTills Ground0.3.4
Caverswall7Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightPasture1.3.37
Caverswall8Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightFront Field1.1.29
Caverswall9Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightWheat Field2.3.28
Caverswall10Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightHouse Outbuildings Garden0.1.2
Caverswall11Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightBank Field0.3.2
Caverswall12Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightBrook Field1.1.20
Caverswall12aThomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightPool Bottom2.1.0
Caverswall13Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn NicklinFolly2.2.37
Caverswall14John NicklinJohn NicklinClover Field1.3.17
Caverswall15John NicklinJohn NicklinMeadow Field0.3.36
Caverswall16John NicklinJohn NicklinLower Meadow0.1.14
Caverswall17John NicklinJohn ShawHouse Croft0.2.23
Caverswall18Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn NicklinFar Upper Field1.3.20
Caverswall19Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn NicklinNear Upper Field2.1.26
Caverswall20Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettCommon Croft3.1.37John Shaw Sub Tenant
Caverswall21Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathCommon Croft6.0.35
Caverswall22Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn NicklinBank1.3.5
Caverswall23Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn NicklinFar Croft1.0.19
Caverswall24Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn NicklinLittle Croft and House0.3.23
Caverswall25Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn NicklinGarden0.0.14
Caverswall26Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn NicklinBarn Croft1.2.19
Caverswall27William JohnsonWilliam HeatonHouse0.0.1
Caverswall28William JohnsonJoseph HuntHouse0.0.1
Caverswall29William JohnsonIn HandHouse and Croft2.3.19
Caverswall30William JohnsonIn HandGarden0.0.13
Caverswall31Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn NicklinSlang1.2.31
Caverswall32Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn EmeryFar Croft0.2.17
Caverswall33Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn EmeryNight Croft0.2.31
Caverswall34Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn EmeryHouse and Garden0.0.20
Caverswall35Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn EmeryShop Croft0.2.22
Caverswall36Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn EmeryLower Shop Croft0.3.18
Caverswall37Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn EmerySlang0.1.25
Caverswall38Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightPart of Sheepwash Meadow2.0.37
Caverswall39Thomas Hawe Parker EsqRichard SimcockPart of Gravel Pit Field3.0.3
Caverswall40Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPlantation30.1.28
Caverswall41Thomas Hawe Parker EsqRichard SimcockWell Field1.1.2
Caverswall42Thomas Hawe Parker EsqRichard SimcockNew Piece0.2.22
Caverswall43Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HandBuildings Garden0.1.29
Caverswall43aThomas Hawe Parker EsqRichard HandHouse and Garden0.0.17
Caverswall44Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HandShop Croft0.3.0
Caverswall45Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HandPit Croft0.2.0
Caverswall46Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HandPit Croft0.0.34
Caverswall47Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HandGarden Croft0.1.8
Caverswall48Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightCroft1.0.7
Caverswall49Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HandHouse and Yard0.0.5
Caverswall50Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HandCroft back of House0.2.32
Caverswall51Thomas Hawe Parker EsqRichard SimcockBank Field0.3.10
Caverswall52Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonMellor`s Croft1.0.2
Caverswall53Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHenry BrassingtonTrent Croft1.1.13
Caverswall54Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHenry BrassingtonGarden and Orchard0.1.26
Caverswall55Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HandPit Croft0.1.25
Caverswall56Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HandMalt Croft0.3.16
Caverswall57John HarveyIn HandWheat Field1.1.31
Caverswall58John HarveyIn HandCroft1.1.4
Caverswall59John HarveyIn HandWell Field1.1.0
Caverswall60John HarveyIn HandHouse Outbuildings Gardens Fold0.1.9
Caverswall61John HarveyIn HandRabbit Warren Meadow1.1.20
Caverswall62Ann EdwardsRalph SimcockHouse Garden and Croft2.0.7
Caverswall63Ann EdwardsRalph SimcockFar Croft1.0.30
Caverswall64Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HandCommon Field1.1.24
Caverswall65Rev Alexander GoodIn HandCommon Field3.1.30
Caverswall66George BacchusJohn BloorCommon Field4.3.34
Caverswall67Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHenry BrassingtonCommon Field4.3.20
Caverswall68Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPlantation4.1.34
Caverswall69Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPlantation3.3.6
Caverswall70Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathCommon Piece5.0.22
Caverswall71William BlurtonCharles WaltersCommon Piece5.3.6
Caverswall72Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettCommon Piece7.3.7
Caverswall73Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettCommon Piece3.3.19John Shaw Sub Tenant
Caverswall74Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettNew Lands4.0.20
Caverswall75Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettBarley Croft5.2.29
Caverswall76Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettStockyard1.0.35
Caverswall77Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettHouse Outbuildings Garden Fold1.0.5
Caverswall78Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettRoad0.1.28
Caverswall79Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettWall Croft16.0.33
Caverswall80Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettLittle Hanley Bank8.2.31
Caverswall81Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettLime Field8.1.38
Caverswall82Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettBig Hanley Bank14.0.12
Caverswall83Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettGorsy Rowage7.2.22
Caverswall84Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettPlantation13.0.37
Caverswall85Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettWell Field9.2.20
Caverswall86Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettRowage Dole5.0.35
Caverswall87Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettOutbuildings Fold and Slack Yard0.1.27
Caverswall88Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettBarn Field6.2.36
Caverswall89Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettRyegrass Field4.2.32
Caverswall90Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettThistly Field4.0.37
Caverswall91Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyHanley Bank6.1.33
Caverswall92Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyNear Hanley Bank5.1.18
Caverswall93Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyFar Onal7.3.34
Caverswall94Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyNear Onal7.2.21
Caverswall95Robert BlurtonRalph BoultonTunstall Sych5.1.10
Caverswall96Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettRowage Meadow1.3.33
Caverswall97Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettMilking Bank5.0.5
Caverswall98Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettMiddle Berry Hill7.0.5
Caverswall99Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettLittle Berry Hill4.2.26
Caverswall100Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettCresswell Ford15.0.13
Caverswall101Robert BlurtonRalph BoultonBerry Hill6.1.10
Caverswall102William EddowsWilliam EddowsGarden0.1.4
Caverswall103William EddowsWilliam Eddows[Blank Space]4.3.24
Caverswall104Myra EddowsWilliam Eddows[Blank Space]2.0.34
Caverswall105Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettBig Berry Hill9.2.8
Caverswall106Robert BlurtonRalph BoultonTunstall Sych13.1.20
Caverswall106aRobert BlurtonRalph BoultonRoad0.0.37
Caverswall107Robert BlurtonRalph BoultonGravel Pit1.0.3
Caverswall108William SmithWilliam MiddletonCroft2.1.34
Caverswall109William SmithJames CooperHouse and Garden0.0.8
Caverswall110William SmithWilliam MiddletonHouse and Garden0.0.12
Caverswall111William SmithWilliam MiddletonCroft1.0.13
Caverswall112William SmithWilliam MiddletonCroft0.3.17
Caverswall113William SmithWilliam MiddletonMeadow1.1.25
Caverswall114William SmithWilliam MiddletonCorner Meadow1.0.26
Caverswall115Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyCommon3.0.28
Caverswall116Samuel DevillCharles SimcockCommon Piece2.2.16
Caverswall117Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyCommon Piece3.3.14
Caverswall118John ForresterThomas LeeseCommon Piece2.0.6
Caverswall119John ForresterThomas LeeseCommon Piece0.3.20
Caverswall120John ForresterThomas LeeseHouse and Garden0.1.4
Caverswall121John ForresterThomas LeeseCroft1.1.23
Caverswall122Robert LongdonIn HandPlantation0.1.27
Caverswall123Robert LongdonJames WrightCommon Piece2.1.30
Caverswall124Robert LongdonJames WrightCommon Piece1.0.39
Caverswall125Robert LongdonJames WrightField by Plantation1.2.0
Caverswall126Robert LongdonJames WrightGravel Pit Field1.0.20
Caverswall127Robert LongdonJames WrightPit Field1.0.23
Caverswall128Robert & Walter BlurtonIn HandCommon19.2.20
Caverswall129William HeathJohn LakinPasture Field2.0.17
Caverswall130Mrs ChellThomas JamesCommon Field1.0.5
Caverswall131William GilbertThomas KinnersleyCommon Field1.0.12
Caverswall132William BrassingtonIn HandCommon Field0.1.33
Caverswall133Richard SimcockIn Hand[Blank Space]0.0.9
Caverswall134William BrassingtonIn HandPit0.0.11
Caverswall135Ann BarlowJohn HolmesBarlows Field6.1.15
Caverswall136Parishioners of CaverswallIn HandGravel Pit2.1.17
Caverswall137Ellen HibbsIn HandCottage and Garden0.1.10
Caverswall138Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHannah FarralHigh Croft1.2.13
Caverswall139Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas StandfieldUpper Croft0.2.29
Caverswall140Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas StandfieldLower Croft0.2.29
Caverswall141Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas StandfieldHouse Garden & Orchard0.1.14
Caverswall142Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HolmesCroft House and Garden1.0.20
Caverswall143Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPlantation1.3.34
Caverswall144Ann BarlowJohn HolmesFar Field3.2.2
Caverswall145Thomas JamesIn HandHouse Croft1.1.18
Caverswall146William HeathJohn LakinCommon Field1.2.22
Caverswall147Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathMellow Croft2.3.29
Caverswall148Ann BarlowJohn LakinCroft and Road0.2.18
Caverswall149Charles CoyneyJohn LakinCroft0.2.6
Caverswall150Ann BarlowIn HandCroft0.1.17
Caverswall151Charles CoyneyJohn LakinCroft1.0.7
Caverswall152Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathCroft1.1.26
Caverswall153Charles CoyneyJohn LakinHouse and Garden0.0.30
Caverswall154Ann BarlowIn HandCocking1.3.25
Caverswall155Ann BarlowIn HandCocking Croft0.3.36
Caverswall156Ann BarlowIn HandCocking Croft0.3.21
Caverswall157Ann BarlowIn HandCroft and Building0.0.28
Caverswall158Ann BarlowIn HandRoad0.0.19
Caverswall159Ann BarlowIn HandPlantation0.1.6
Caverswall160Ann BarlowJames LockettHouse and Garden0.0.34
Caverswall161Ann BarlowThomas MiddletonHouse and Garden0.0.10
Caverswall161aAnn BarlowIn HandCroft by Garden0.3.12
Caverswall162Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathMoor Hedge4.3.20
Caverswall163Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathGorsy Field4.3.16
Caverswall164Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathCocking Meadow4.3.33
Caverswall165Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathRushy Field3.1.36
Caverswall166Rev Alexander GoodIn Hand[Blank Space]4.1.36
Caverswall167Rev Alexander GoodIn Hand[Blank Space]3.3.20
Caverswall168Ann BarlowAnn BarlowFolly5.1.24
Caverswall169James WrightIn HandHouse and Garden0.0.10
Caverswall170James WrightIn HandMeadow1.0.33
Caverswall171Ann BarlowIn HandLower Moor Hedge6.0.12
Caverswall172Mrs RobinsonAnn BarlowHanley Bank3.2.33
Caverswall173Mrs RobinsonAnn BarlowHanley Bank4.0.25
Caverswall174Mrs RobinsonAnn BarlowHanley Bank4.0.8
Caverswall175Mrs RobinsonAnn BarlowSpring Field7.2.36
Caverswall176Mrs RobinsonAnn BarlowHawe Flat2.2.34
Caverswall177Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyUpper Daughters Hill4.2.21
Caverswall178Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyClover Croft3.1.14
Caverswall179Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyCalf Croft1.1.30
Caverswall180Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJoseph FieldingBig Croft9.1.13
Caverswall181William GilbertRobert HassallUpper Croft1.2.12
Caverswall182William GilbertRobert HassallMiddle Croft0.2.20
Caverswall183William GilbertRobert HassallLower Croft0.1.34
Caverswall184William GilbertRobert HassallCroft0.2.8
Caverswall185William GilbertThomas Beresford Lydia BurgessHouses and Garden0.0.14
Caverswall186William GilbertRobert HassallHouse Buildings Garden0.0.33
Caverswall187Thomas Hawe Parker EsqMaud SpoonerHouse and Garden0.0.7
Caverswall188Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHannah SpoonerHouse and Garden0.0.3
Caverswall189William HeathJohn BradburyHouse0.0.1
Caverswall190William HeathWilliam LakinHouse Buildings Garden
Caverswall191William HeathWilliam LakinRoad0.2.11Total for 190 and 191
Caverswall192William HeathWilliam LakinCroft0.1.8
Caverswall193Thomas AbberleyIn HandHouse Shop Garden0.0.16
Caverswall194John HeathElizabeth HandGarden0.0.3
Caverswall195John HeathWilliam BrassingtonGarden0.0.3
Caverswall196William HeathRev Alexander GoodCrockett`s Piece1.2.29
Caverswall197John HeathJohn MilnerHouse0.0.8
Caverswall197aJohn HeathWilliam EddowsHouse
Caverswall197bJohn HeathWilliam BrassingtonHouse
Caverswall198John SargentThomas HydeHouse Garden and Shop0.0.5
Caverswall199John SargentThomas BrassingtonHouse0.0.18
Caverswall199aJohn SargentGeorge BrassingtonHouse
Caverswall199bJohn SargentGeorge Brassington jnrHouse
Caverswall200Walter BlurtonJames HawkingHouse and Garden0.0.13
Caverswall211Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyKiln Croft0.2.2
Caverswall212Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyOrchard0.0.26
Caverswall213Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyHouse Outbuildings Garden Fold1.3.0
Caverswall214Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyLower Quarters Hill7.1.22
Caverswall215Mrs RobinsonAnn BarlowFlash Meadow2.2.37
Caverswall216Mrs RobinsonAnn BarlowHouse Outbuildings Garden Fold0.1.24
Caverswall217Mrs RobinsonAnn BarlowCroft1.2.4
Caverswall218Ann BarlowAnn BarlowIntake0.0.11
Caverswall219Mrs RobinsonAnn BarlowSandy Wood6.1.30
Caverswall220William HeathCharles WaltersBull [?] Lands7.0.22
Caverswall221William HeathCharles WaltersBull [?] Lands2.2.15
Caverswall222William HeathCharles WaltersBull [?] Meadow1.2.18
Caverswall223William BlurtonCharles WaltersShort Wall10.0.26
Caverswall224William BlurtonCharles WaltersHouse Outbuildings Garden0.2.0
Caverswall225William BlurtonCharles WaltersCarthouse Gap7.0.34
Caverswall226Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathCow Field12.0.28
Caverswall227Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathFar Cow Field6.2.29
Caverswall228Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathMarl Field4.0.25
Caverswall229Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathCaverswall Close9.3.33
Caverswall230Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathOx Pasture9.3.23
Caverswall231Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathLittle Cocking3.1.39
Caverswall232Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathBig Cocking6.2.11
Caverswall234Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettPit0.1.38
Caverswall235Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettHouse Garden Outbuildings and Fold0.3.28William Bullock Sub Tenant
Caverswall235aThomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettHouse Garden Outbuildings and FoldThomas Shaw Sub Tenant
Caverswall236Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrassingtonHouse and Garden0.0.19
Caverswall237Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHannah FarralJames Croft3.0.18
Caverswall238Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonCommon Field1.3.26
Caverswall239Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHenry BrassingtonMeadow3.0.28
Caverswall240Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHenry BrassingtonField back of Simcocks0.3.22
Caverswall241Thomas Hawe Parker EsqRichard SimcockHouse and Garden0.0.18
Caverswall242Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHenry BrassingtonHouse and Fold0.0.20
Caverswall243Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHannah FarralHouse Garden and Croft0.1.9
Caverswall244Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHannah FarralOrchard0.1.28
Caverswall245Thomas Hawe Parker EsqHannah FarralLower Meadow1.2.19
Caverswall246Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonSargeants Croft3.3.35
Caverswall247Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonFold and Buildings0.1.7
Caverswall248Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonSmithy Croft0.2.17
Caverswall249Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonWell Croft0.3.35
Caverswall250Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonHouse Shop Garden0.1.22
Caverswall251Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightGriffins Croft2.1.0
Caverswall252Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonLittle Meadow1.0.15
Caverswall253Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonLower Bradshaws1.1.34
Caverswall254Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonBarn Croft1.3.22
Caverswall255Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonUpper Barn Croft0.3.35
Caverswall256Thomas Hawe Parker EsqRichard SimcockMeadow0.3.4
Caverswall257Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BrassingtonCroft0.1.26
Caverswall258Thomas Hawe Parker EsqRichard SimcockMiddle Pasture1.0.33
Caverswall259Thomas Hawe Parker EsqRichard SimcockLower Pasture1.2.14
Caverswall260Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonLower Meadow1.2.7
Caverswall261Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonWaste in Road0.0.31
Caverswall262Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam BrassingtonPart Upper Meadow0.3.10
Caverswall263Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightFar Birch Field6.3.18
Caverswall264Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightFar Birch Field6.1.20
Caverswall265Thomas Hawe Parker EsqThomas WrightLong Meadow2.3.23
Caverswall266Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettRoughcote Meadow12.3.13
Caverswall267Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettFerny Croft2.3.20
Caverswall268Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel LockettFar Ferny Croft5.0.26
Caverswall269Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathLittle Strine Field2.3.23
Caverswall270Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathBig Strine Field9.2.15
Caverswall271Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam WrightMeadow7.3.15
Caverswall272Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathHoults5.1.16
Caverswall273Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathJack Field5.1.10
Caverswall274Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathBarn Gorse4.3.14
Caverswall275Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathYewtree Field5.0.5
Caverswall276Richard WalklatePeter BurgessFirtree Field3.1.20
Caverswall277Richard WalklatePeter BurgessFar Firtree Field2.1.34
Caverswall278John SargentIn HandSlang0.0.22
Caverswall279Adam WaltersIn HandUpper Croft1.1.0
Caverswall280Adam WaltersIn HandHouse Garden0.0.23
Caverswall281Adam WaltersIn HandAllotment on Cookshill Green1.0.29
Caverswall282Adam WaltersIn HandAllotment on Cookshill Green0.3.2
Caverswall283Richard WalklatePeter BurgessHassalls Croft2.1.23
Caverswall284Adam WaltersIn HandCroft0.0.26
Caverswall285Parish of CaverswallJohn BishopHouse and Garden0.0.35
Caverswall286Parish of CaverswallJohn BishopCroft and Buildings0.2.13
Caverswall287Parish of CaverswallGeorge UnwinHouse and Garden0.0.25
Caverswall288Parish of CaverswallWilliam MellorHouse and Garden0.0.13
Caverswall289Richard WalklateGeorge HammersleyHouse and Garden0.0.29
Caverswall300Richard WalklateGeorge JacksonHouse and Garden0.0.15
Caverswall301Richard WalklatePeter BurgessCroftIncluded in plot 302
Caverswall302Richard WalklatePeter BurgessHouse Garden Outbuildings0.2.30
Caverswall303Richard WalklateJob SwinsonHouse and Garden0.0.9
Caverswall304Thomas Hawe Parker EsqGeorge LeeseHouse Garden and Smiths Shop0.0.18
Caverswall305W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonHouse Outbuildings Garden0.1.32
Caverswall306W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonCroft1.1.10
Caverswall307Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathStew Field6.1.20
Caverswall308Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathTongue Croft0.2.31
Caverswall309John SargentRev Alexander GoodAllotment on Cookshill Green1.1.30
Caverswall310Mary BoultonSamuel WrightHouse Garden0.1.0
Caverswall311Mary BoultonSamuel WrightAllotment on Cookshill Green0.3.17
Caverswall312William BlurtonCharles WaltersAllotment on Cookshill Green0.3.10
Caverswall313Mary BoultonSamuel WrightMeadow0.1.0
Caverswall314Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathHouse Outbuildings Garden and Fold1.1.0
Caverswall315Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathWell Croft2.3.31
Caverswall316Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathMeadow Pools10.0.0
Caverswall317Rev Alexander GoodIn HandHouse Garden Pleasure Ground1.2.18
Caverswall318Rev Alexander GoodIn HandConeygreaves4.1.5
Caverswall319Thomas Hawe Parker EsqTrustees of National SchoolNational School and Yard0.1.16
Caverswall320Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel BullockPools4.0.10
Caverswall321Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel BullockPool Meadow3.0.20
Caverswall322Mrs RobinsonAnn BarlowHill Croft5.2.13
Caverswall323Thomas Hawe Parker EsqRichard LakinHouse and Garden0.0.11
Caverswall324Mrs RobinsonRalph LovattHouse and Garden0.1.0
Caverswall325John HeathIn HandHouse and Garden
Caverswall326John HeathThomas AbberleyYard0.0.11
Caverswall327John HeathThomas AbberleyCroft0.3.25
Caverswall327aJohn HeathElizabeth CrumptonHouse0.0.5
Caverswall327bJohn HeathElizabeth HandHouse
Caverswall327cJohn HeathJoseph HawkingsHouse
Caverswall327dJohn HeathJames MilnerHouse
Caverswall328William HeathBenjamin WoodHouse0.0.5
Caverswall328aWilliam HeathMathew BrassingtonHouse
Caverswall329John HeathWilliam WeaverHouse0.0.10
Caverswall329aJohn HeathAnn WhitehurstHouse
Caverswall329bJohn HeathJoseph WooleyHouse
Caverswall330Charles SimcockIn HandHouse Garden and Smiths Shop0.0.11
Caverswall331Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel BullockPublic House Outbuildings Garden0.3.12
Caverswall332Joseph ChellThomas LakinPublic House Garden0.0.35
Caverswall333Joseph ChellRichard HawkingsHouse and Garden0.0.6
Caverswall334Joseph ChellWilliam HawkingsHouse and Garden0.0.7
Caverswall335Mary BoultonRalph BoultonHouse Outbuildings Garden Fold0.0.24
Caverswall336Mary BoultonPhoebe LovattHouse and Garden0.0.2
Caverswall337Mary BoultonRalph BoultonCroft0.2.17
Caverswall338Thomas Hawe Parker EsqGeorge KeenHouse Outbuildings Garden Fold0.1.34
Caverswall339Walter BlurtonJoseph FieldingHouse and Garden0.0.20
Caverswall340Walter BlurtonWilliam Blurton JnrHouse and Garden0.0.9
Caverswall341Walter BlurtonJoseph WrightHouse and Garden0.0.6
Caverswall342Walter BlurtonWilliam Blurton JnrChurch Croft2.2.8
Caverswall343William HeathRev Alexander GoodHeaths Croft3.0.15
Caverswall344Walter BlurtonWilliam P BlurtonLower Field Croft2.0.20
Caverswall345Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel BullockLittle Stony Lands1.0.23
Caverswall346Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel BullockStony Lands2.3.23
Caverswall347Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel BullockStony Lands3.3.20
Caverswall348Joseph BrassingtonIn HandHouse Buildings Garden0.0.17
Caverswall348aThomas Hawe Parker EsqAnn BarlowCow Pasture9.3.28
Caverswall349Joseph ChellThomas LakinUpper Butty Croft2.3.35
Caverswall350Joseph ChellThomas LakinLower Butty Croft2.3.35
Caverswall351Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel BullockButty Croft5.3.18
Caverswall352William BlurtonRalph BoultonButty Croft4.0.10
Caverswall353Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJoseph FieldingUpper Butty Croft4.3.1
Caverswall354Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJoseph FieldingLower Butty Croft1.0.32
Caverswall355William BlurtonCharles WaltersThe Paddock1.2.35
Caverswall356Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel BullockBents2.0.22
Caverswall357Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel BullockFar Bents3.2.23
Caverswall358Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyNear Pit Field2.3.4
Caverswall359Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyNear Pit Field2.0.10
Caverswall360Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel BullockFar Field4.2.35
Caverswall361Thomas Hawe Parker EsqSamuel BullockFar Meadow2.2.21
Caverswall362Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJoseph Fielding[Blank Space]1.2.13
Caverswall363Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathBlack Croft7.0.38
Caverswall364Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathBrick Kiln Field7.0.30
Caverswall365William BlurtonRalph BoultonLower Berry Hill1.2.4
Caverswall366William EddowsWilliam EddowsMeadow3.0.37
Caverswall367Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathGorse Pit Field7.2.9
Caverswall368Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJoseph FieldingFar Ground6.2.30
Caverswall369Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathFar Marl Field11.1.24
Caverswall370Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyPit Field7.3.32
Caverswall371Mary BoultonRalph Boulton[Blank Space]5.3.17
Caverswall372Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyMary Croft5.2.24
Caverswall373Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyHigh Stiles7.3.33
Caverswall374Thomas Hawe Parker EsqFrances BrosterBirches3.1.0
Caverswall375Thomas Hawe Parker EsqFrances BrosterBirches2.2.29
Caverswall376Thomas Hawe Parker EsqFrances BrosterBirches5.3.0
Caverswall377Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BurgessPit Field9.0.20
Caverswall378Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPool and Plantation0.3.16
Caverswall379Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BurgessMiddle Pit Field7.2.2
Caverswall380Thomas Hawe Parker EsqIn HandPlantation0.1.6
Caverswall381Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BurgessFar Pit Field8.1.36
Caverswall382Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BurgessBig Pit Field18.0.27
Caverswall383Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BurgessPit Field7.0.39
Caverswall384Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BurgessPit Field4.2.14
Caverswall385Ann BarlowCharles WaltersTown Meadow5.1.38
Caverswall386Ann BarlowIn HandTown Meadow3.0.34
Caverswall387Walter BlurtonWilliam BradburyTown Meadow8.2.35
Caverswall388William BlurtonCharles WaltersTown Meadow Croft3.0.35
Caverswall389Mary A ForsterIn HandTown Croft2.1.28
Caverswall390Mary A ForsterIn HandRoad0.1.10
Caverswall391Rev Alexander GoodIn HandTown Meadow Croft2.3.20
Caverswall392Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BurgessTown Meadow Croft4.0.35
Caverswall393Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BurgessWatsons Field8.3.6
Caverswall394Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BurgessNear Field17.1.32
Caverswall395Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BurgessDove Meadow10.3.29
Caverswall396Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BurgessPart of New Field4.3.24
Caverswall397Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn BurgessHouse Outbuildings Garden Yard1.2.15
Caverswall398Rev Alexander GoodIn HandChurch and Yard0.3.11
Caverswall399Mary A ForsterIn HandStew Croft1.2.34
Caverswall400Mary A ForsterIn HandCastle Moat Pleasure Grounds4.3.20
Caverswall401Mary A ForsterIn HandOutbuildings and Garden1.0.6
Caverswall402Trustees of Wesleyan ChapelIn HandChapel0.0.2
Caverswall402aJohn SargentIn HandHouse Shop Garden0.1.0
Caverswall403John SargentThomas Phillips : William SpoonerHouse0.0.5
Caverswall404Mary A ForsterIn HandCroft1.0.24
Caverswall405Mary A ForsterIn HandBath Meadow5.2.10
Caverswall406Mary A ForsterIn Hand[Blank Space]1.3.8
Caverswall407Mary A ForsterIn HandDog Meadow3.3.36
Caverswall408Joseph BoultonGeorge LeeseBlythe Meadow3.2.18
Caverswall409William BlurtonMary A ForsterTawney Meadow1.1.26
Caverswall410Charles HarveyIn HandPlantation0.1.18
Caverswall411Charles HarveyThomas WoodBlythe Meadow6.0.0
Caverswall412Charles HarveyThomas WoodPart of Bridge Field5.3.16
Caverswall413Charles HarveyThomas WoodNew Piece8.1.22
Caverswall414Charles HarveyIn HandPlantation0.2.27
Caverswall415Charles HarveyThomas WoodTwo Parts Marl Field3.1.25
Caverswall416Charles HarveyThomas WoodClump Close3.2.24
Caverswall417Charles HarveyThomas WoodHouse Outbuilding Garden Orchard1.3.15
Caverswall418Charles HarveyIn HandPlantation0.2.7
Caverswall419Charles HarveyThomas WoodPark Close6.2.0
Caverswall420Charles HarveyIn HandPlantation0.0.11
Caverswall421Charles HarveyThomas WoodPark Meadow5.3.0
Caverswall422Charles HarveyThomas WoodLittle Park3.3.5
Caverswall423Charles HarveyThomas WoodHorse Pasture6.2.26
Caverswall424Charles HarveyThomas WoodFar Marl Field6.0.19
Caverswall425Charles HarveyThomas WoodNear Marl Field6.0.10
Caverswall426Charles HarveyThomas WoodMeadow8.3.35
Caverswall427Rev John CurtisJohn SaltWrights Meadow6.0.30
Caverswall428Rev John CurtisJohn SaltBig Meadow4.2.13
Caverswall429Rev John CurtisJohn SaltHolts4.0.2
Caverswall430Rev John CurtisJohn SaltHolts5.1.0
Caverswall431Rev John CurtisIn HandBig Rough7.0.13
Caverswall432Rev John CurtisIn HandLittle Rough1.2.13
Caverswall433Rev John CurtisIn HandLower Wood3.0.30
Caverswall434Rev John CurtisJohn SuttonPlough Field3.0.12
Caverswall435Rev John CurtisJohn SuttonRough3.2.0
Caverswall436Rev John CurtisJohn SaltLittle Meadow2.1.0
Caverswall437Rev John CurtisThomas BentleyCavalry Meadow4.0.35
Caverswall438Rev John CurtisThomas BentleyLittle Field1.1.15
Caverswall439Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJ HeathHouse and Garden0.1.18
Caverswall440Rev John CurtisThomas BentleyCavalry Field3.3.33
Caverswall441Rev John CurtisJohn SaltHouse Field3.0.19
Caverswall442Rev John CurtisJohn SaltHouse Outbuildings Fold0.1.21
Caverswall443Rev John CurtisJohn WrightHouse and Garden0.0.13
Caverswall444Rev John CurtisIn HandUpper Wood Close1.2.35
Caverswall445Rev John CurtisThomas BentleyWood Close2.0.26
Caverswall446Thomas BentleyIn HandHouse and Garden0.0.27
Caverswall447Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn CooperHouse and Garden0.0.28
Caverswall448Duke of SutherlandWilliam Marston[Blank Space]6.1.5
Caverswall449Duke of SutherlandWilliam Marston[Blank Space]3.1.23
Caverswall450Robert HeathEllen WarrilowSewer Field5.3.19
Caverswall451Ellen WarrilowIn HandMeadow3.0.10
Caverswall452Ellen WarrilowIn HandGarden0.0.18
Caverswall453Ellen WarrilowIn HandPublic House Garden0.0.34
Caverswall454Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn CooperHouse and Garden0.0.17
Caverswall454aThomas Hawe Parker EsqAnn ElkinHouse and Garden0.0.23
Caverswall455John BaileyIn HandFar Croft1.0.23
Caverswall456John BaileyIn HandFar Croft2.2.16
Caverswall457John BaileyIn HandGarden0.0.13
Caverswall458Thomas Hawe Parker EsqWilliam HarrisonGarden0.0.37
Caverswall459Robert HeathEllen WarrilowMiddle Field4.3.13
Caverswall460Robert HeathEllen WarrilowBrick Kiln Field4.0.6
Caverswall461John HadleyJohn HammersleyMeadow2.1.21
Caverswall462John HadleyJohn HammersleyCroft4.0.10
Caverswall463John HadleyJohn HammersleyHouse and Garden0.1.9
Caverswall464John HadleyIn HandPlantation0.0.26
Caverswall465John BaileyIn HandNear Croft2.0.20
Caverswall466John BaileyIn HandHouse Buildings Garden0.2.6
Caverswall467Richard WalklateLewis WrightBig Meadow9.2.5
Caverswall468Richard WalklateLewis WrightOrchard Croft8.2.25
Caverswall469Richard WalklateLewis WrightRidge Field1.3.36
Caverswall470Jeremiah BeardmoreLewis WrightHouse Buildings Garden Croft0.3.3
Caverswall471Jeremiah BeardmoreGeorge HammersleyHouse and Garden0.0.22
Caverswall472Jeremiah BeardmoreSamuel WillsleyHouse and Garden0.0.22
Caverswall473Jeremiah BeardmoreIn HandHouse Garden Buildings Yard0.1.0
Caverswall474Jeremiah BeardmoreIn HandMeadow4.0.25
Caverswall475Richard WalklateLewis WrightPark Field9.2.38
Caverswall476Charles HarveyWilliam CooperCroft2.0.16
Caverswall477Charles HarveyWilliam CooperCroft2.0.16
Caverswall478Charles HarveyWilliam CooperMeadow3.1.4
Caverswall479Charles HarveyWilliam CooperHouse Garden Buildings and Fold0.2.4
Caverswall480Charles HarveyWilliam CooperBarn Croft1.2.28
Caverswall481Charles HarveyWilliam CooperCroft5.0.0
Caverswall482Charles HarveyThomas WoodLittle Woodside4.1.2
Caverswall483Charles HarveyThomas WoodWoodside11.0.33
Caverswall484Charles HarveyThomas WoodClump Close4.2.8
Caverswall485Charles HarveyThomas WoodBrick Kiln Field4.0.2
Caverswall486Charles HarveyThomas WoodBridge Field4.0.25
Caverswall487Charles HarveyThomas WoodWood Corner1.0.15
Caverswall488Charles HarveyIn HandCaverswall Wood36.0.20
Caverswall489W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonStockings12.1.0
Caverswall490W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonWood Piece2.2.38
Caverswall491W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonSwan Bank4.2.3
Caverswall492W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonPart of Mill Field1.3.10
Caverswall493W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonBlythe Meadow2.2.5
Caverswall494W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonMarl Field4.1.18
Caverswall495W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonMill Meadow5.1.20
Caverswall496W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonStockings Meadow2.2.20
Caverswall497W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.0.37
Caverswall498W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.0.19
Caverswall499W H CoyneyWilliam MarstonOx Hay Meadow2.1.14
Caverswall500W H CoyneyGeorge MosleyOx Hay Meadow4.0.30
Caverswall501Thomas Hawe Parker EsqGeorge KeenOx Hay Meadow2.0.10
Caverswall502Thomas Hawe Parker EsqGeorge KeenOx Hay Meadow6.0.25
Caverswall503Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn Bishop[Blank Space]4.1.25
Caverswall504W H CoyneyGeorge MosleyConey Greave4.1.26
Caverswall505W H CoyneyGeorge MosleyHouse and Garden0.0.34
Caverswall506W H CoyneyGeorge MosleyMill Croft Pool0.3.16
Caverswall507Rev Alexander GoodIn HandHill Croft3.2.25
Caverswall508Rev Alexander GoodIn HandBank0.3.8
Caverswall509Rev Alexander GoodIn HandHouse Garden Building Croft1.1.37
Caverswall510Rev Alexander GoodIn HandGarden0.1.0
Caverswall511Richard WalklatePeter BurgessMay Croft2.1.16
Caverswall512Richard WalklatePeter BurgessMay Croft2.1.0
Caverswall513Richard WalklatePeter BurgessCookhill Field7.2.3
Caverswall514Richard WalklatePeter BurgessLey Croft5.1.0
Caverswall515Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathNear Brook Field4.0.36
Caverswall516Thomas Hawe Parker EsqJohn HeathNear Brook Field3.1.15
Caverswall517W H CoyneyAdam WaltersMill Field13.1.20
Caverswall518W H CoyneyIn HandPlantation0.3.19
Caverswall519George BacchusJohn BloorWood Field13.1.20
Caverswall520George BacchusJohn BloorPlantation0.3.10
Caverswall521George BacchusJohn BloorLong Hay7.2.33
Caverswall522George BacchusJohn BloorNear Long Hay7.3.15
Caverswall523George BacchusJohn BloorRushy Field7.1.30
Caverswall524George BacchusJohn BloorRough Field7.0.35
Caverswall525George BacchusJohn BloorLower Meadow6.0.12
Caverswall526Jeremiah BeardmoreIn HandFar Pasture4.0.12
Caverswall527Jeremiah BeardmoreIn HandNear Far Pasture3.0.36
Caverswall528Duke of SutherlandJames GloverMeadow6.1.10
Caverswall529Duke of SutherlandJames GloverBoggy Meadow5.3.25
Caverswall530Duke of SutherlandJames GloverFlat Meadow3.2.6
Caverswall531Duke of SutherlandJames GloverFlat Meadow6.1.7
Caverswall531a[Blank Space][Blank Space]Roads23.3.20

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