Post Office Directory 1868

A list of the people included in the Post Office Directory in 1868.

The directory entry for the village and parish of Caverswall begins with a description : The parish includes the Township formed by Weston Coyney and Hulme. East Vale, a suburb of Longton at this time is also included. Adderley Green, Werrington and Cellarhead are listed as hamlets. The parish is located within the North Totmonslow Hundred, Cheadle Union and County Court District, the Stafford Archdeaconry, Cheadle rural deanery and the Diocese of Lichfield. The Vicar at St Peters was the Rev. Benjamin North Arnold M.D.

Caverswall Castle was the home of Joseph Percival Pickford Radcliffe. The Lordship of the Manor of Caverswall was held by the Hon. Edward Swynfen Parker-Jervis. The Lordship of the Manor of Weston Coyney and Hulme was held by Charles Coyney. The area of the parish was estimated to be 5300 acres and to have a population of 3,046 persons. Only a small proportion of the population was actually listed in these directories.

Manor / Township



CaverswallRev. Benjamin North ArnoldThe Vicarage
CaverswallStephen MearThe Meir
CaverswallJoseph P.P. Radcliffe J.P. Caverswall Castle
CaverswallThomas Brassington, Beer Retailer.Meir Lane
CaverswallAnn Bullock, FarmerRoughcote
CaverswallGeorge Burgess, Shopkeeper.Meir Lane
CaverswallPeter Burgess, Farmer 
CaverswallJoseph Davies, ButcherCookshill
CaverswallWilliam Edgar, Tailor 
CaverswallThomas Fallows, FarmerMeir
CaverswallThomas Fielding, FarmerMeir
CaverswallThomas Hawkins, Beer RetailerCookshill
CaverswallJohn Heath, Farmer 
CaverswallRobert Heath, FarmerCookshill
CaverswallRobert Holmes, Shoe Maker. 
CaverswallJames HughesThe Green Man
CaverswallJohn Hughes, Butcher 
CaverswallMichael Hyde, Shoe Maker 
CaverswallDaniel Keen, Farmer 
CaverswallEllen Keen, Farmer 
CaverswallWilliam Latham, ShopkeeperMeir Lane
CaverswallJoseph Lee, Beer Retailer.Cookshill
CaverswallWilliam Machin, FarmerMeir
CaverswallWilliam Marson, FarmerHardiwick
CaverswallMossfield Colliery CompanyMossfield
CaverswallJames Nicklin, FarmerHolehouse
CaverswallJames Philips, FarmerWoodhouse
CaverswallWilliam Philips, Farmer and ButcherCookshill
CaverswallPotteries Water Works. Mathew Floyd,
Meir Lane
CaverswallWilliam Sargant, Grocer 
CaverswallEnoch Shenton, Beer Retailer.Meir Lane
CaverswallJohn Slinn, BlacksmithCookshill
CaverswallWilliam Thorley, Carpenter 
CaverswallHenry Walters, Auctioneer. 
CaverswallJohn Walters, ButcherMeir Lane
CaverswallThomas Walters, FarmerCookshill
CaverswallWilliam WhilockThe Red House
Weston CoyneyCol. Charles Coyney. J.P.Weston Coyney Hall
Weston CoyneyJoseph DraycottAdderley House
Weston CoyneyThomas Goddard J.P.Park Hall
Weston CoyneyRev. Francis Leigh 
Weston CoyneyThomas Barlow, Farmer 
Weston CoyneyFrederick Bates, Brick Maker 
Weston CoyneyFrederick Bearmore, Farmer 
Weston CoyneyGeorge BettanyThe Coach and Horses, Dividy Lane
Weston CoyneyBishop and Co.Weston Coyney Colliery
Weston CoyneyThomas Bradbury, FarmerFoxearth
Weston CoyneyWilliam BradburyThe Bird in Hand, Dividy Lane
Weston CoyneyJoseph Davis, Farmer 
Weston CoyneyGeorge Forrister, FarmerAdderley Green
Weston CoyneyMartin Forrister, Farmer 
Weston CoyneyMatthew Hunt, Farmer 
Weston CoyneyJoseph Martin, Farmer 
Weston CoyneyThomas Slack, FarmerNewbarn
Weston CoyneyWilliam Hanbury  Sparrow and CoMillfield Colliery
Weston CoyneyStirrup and PyeAdderley Green Colliery
Weston CoyneyThomas Harris Stirrup. Coal MasterCinder Hill
Weston CoyneyGeorge Wrench, Farmer.Windicott
HulmeWilliam Ball, Blacksmith 
HulmeGeorge HarveyThe Coyney Arms
HulmeWilliam Hurst, Farmer 
HulmeHerbert Marson, Farmer 
HulmeJosiah Marson, Farmer 
HulmeWilliam Peak, Farmer 
HulmeJames Shaw, Farmer 
HulmeSampson Shaw, Farmer 
HulmeJohn Smith, Farmer 
HulmeWilliam Smith, Farmer 
HulmeRobert Unwin, FarmerHulme Dale
HulmeJoseph and Charles Waine.Hulme Colliery
HulmeThomas Waine, FarmerWillow Fields
HulmeAnn Wardle, Farmer 
WerringtonJohn Cooper, Farmer 
WerringtonSamuel CooperBoys School
WerringtonBenjamin Downes, Farmer 
WerringtonWilliam Forbister, Shopkeeper. 
WerringtonMark Greatbatch, Miller 
WerringtonThomas Reeves, Beer Retailer 
WerringtonRoland SaltThe Windmill
WerringtonSimeon SherrattThe Red Cow

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