The Estates of Mary Coyney 1772

The land owned by the daughter and heir of the Lord of Weston Coyney.

The estates of Mary Coyney 1772 is a list of her tenants and the rent charges that were levied at that time.

It seems likely that the parish of Caverswall had been divided into two separate manors since its formation. The manor of Caverswall and the manor of Weston Coyney which included Hulme and Werrington.

The Lordship of the Manor of Weston Coyney had been held by the Coyney family since the 13th Century. When Edward Coyney died in 1772 he was survived by his wife and his only child, a daughter Mary. In his will Edward had placed his estates in trust for his young daughter.

Occupier :Rent Charge :
Joseph Wilshaw£130.0.0
Sampson Martin£50.0.0
Edward Cotton£37.0.0
William Powner£50.0.0
Henry Brassington£34.0.0
Samuel Gallimore£25.0.0
George Bradshaw£15.0.0
John Holme£24.0.0
William Bentley£33.0.0
John Foard£100.0.0
Thomas Hand£13.0.0
Hannah Hasall£14.0.0
George Bentley£38.0.0
Thomas Ash£21.0.0
Thomas Hoost£7.10.0
Nathan Jackson£29.19.10
Thomas Lawton£20.0.0
Walter Hand£20.0.0
Richard Ryley£90.0.0
John Mountford£24.10.0
John Boon£11.0.0
William Holmes£16.0.0
Thomas Kemp£40.0.0
School House£0.0.3
Coyneys Grove£0.0.3
Willots Wood

and Weston Sprink


(References : Document Collections, Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Archive Service)

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