Weston Coyney Estate Sale 1919

A list of the property with the names of the occupants listed for sale in 1919.

In 1919 Walter Weston Coyney decided to put most of his remaining property up for sale. The Auction was held at the Town Hall in the nearby town of Longton. The main Lots in the sale are listed below. In addition there were a number of plots of land which were to be sold for the building of houses.

Description Principal Tenant A.R.P. Rental
The Home FarmG.W. Hughes119.0.34£208. 9. 6
Weston Coyney FarmErnest Ward105 3 26£150.0.0
Two Cottages & GardensSublet to Mills & co0.1.14£15.12.0
Cottage & GardenMrs Botham0.1.26£7.16.0               
Cottage & GardenMrs Ainsworth £5.4.0
Cottage HoldingGeorge Clowes3.1.17£25.10.0
Cottage & GardenHenry Beardmore0.1.5£9.0.0
Cottage & GardenParish Council0.0.17£10.0.0
Cottage & GardenChief Constable0.0.17£12.0.0
Park Head FarmMrs Hughes36.3.8£64.14.0
Toll Gate HouseMrs Moore0.0.26£ Nil
Brick WorksWeston Coyney

Brick and Marl Co.

Long Doles FarmCharles Clowes26.0.3£46.4.0
Grove FarmMossfield Colliery Co.33.0.32£70.0.0
Lower Park HeadNorman Hughes7.0.6£20.0.0
Cookshill Mill FarmRupert Edwards8.3.30£30.0.0
Cookshill Mill & PondsMr A. Lockett3.1.0£7.0.0
Cookshill FarmGeorge Botham39.0.25£63.0.0
Cocking CottageMrs Clarkson2.1.37£9.5.0
Mount PleasantJames Wood9.3.14£18.0.0
Blythe House FarmThomas Sigley57.3.14£85.0.0
Little Blythe FarmMessrs Slack3.1.33£14.10.0
Smallbrook FarmWilliam Green27.0.22£52.0.0
Hulme DaleHenry Allen77.0.32£100.0.0
Cottage at WasherwallJames Sherwin8.1.12£21.0.0
Old Stone QuarryIn Hand1.0.35
Cottage at WasherwallWilliam Bainbridge1.2.23£5.0.0
House at HulmeEnoch Weston21.1.30£30.15.2
The Weston Coyney Arms, HulmeGeorge Harvey0.1.8£10.10.0
Stone House Farm, HulmeSarah Vickers60.1.21£70.0.0
Pear Tree Farm, HulmeW.H. Brown59.2.36£85.0.0
Willot`s Wood and PlantationsIn Hand13.1.20
The Old Smithy and Croft, HulmeH. Robinson1.2.20£17.0.0
New House Farm, HulmeG.F. Harvey16.0.34£24.0.3
Hulme Hall FarmThomas Knight97.1.5£130.0.0
Ground Rent secured on the

Cinderhill Hotel, Shops and 38 Cottages

H. Aynsley2.1.21£47.2.6

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