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Local Links and Services for Caverswall

The Caverswall Community pages and the links on the dropdown menu provide information about the services that serve the community of Caverswall. If you would like to see your organisation included on these pages please complete a contact form.

Reporting pot holes and highways issues.

The County Council has created a web page so that residents can report highway issues like potholes and faulty streetlamps online. Click here to go to the web page – ‘We prioritise all potholes so that the most dangerous ones are repaired either the next day or within 7 days. The vast majority are given to specialist teams and will be repaired depending on location and road use, usually within 90 days however this may be extended depending on resources’.

Staffordshire Smart Alert – Crime Alerts for the local area.

Staffordshire Smart Alert was launched by the by Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire in 2016. Matthew Ellis, in March 2016 to improve engagement between Staffordshire Police and the communities they serve. Residents can register to receive real-time and localised crime alerts via a web page, e-mail or a smartphone app. Click here for further details about the Staffordshire scheme.
Click here to see the current Crime Alerts for Caverswall and our local area.

Power Cut Information Service.

Call 105 is a free service to report and get information about a power cut in our area.

A survey revealed that many people in the country might contact the wrong company to report a power cut. Call 105 makes it easy to contact the correct company just by calling one number.

You can dial 105 from a landline or a mobile telephone. The system will automatically connect you to the local network supplier which in our case is Western Power Distribution. You can also use the number to report any concerns that you have about power lines or substations.

Click here to go to the Call 105 Website.